The best dog food for weight loss

The best dog food for weight loss

What is the best dog food for weight loss?

If your dog is carrying a few extra kilos and needs to lose weight then you are in the right place.

Healthy Active Pet have created a program and air dried 100% natural weight loss food for dogs

According to a 2018 survey from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention in the US, 55 8% of dogs are classified as overweight or obese.

While a similar study hasn’t been in Australia for over 15 years, it’s thought that rates in Australia are comparable and increasing.

The last time this survey was done in Australia (in 2005) the results showed 40% of dogs were overweight or obese, which is an enormous and worrying jump.

Equally as concerning, it’s thought that 90% of pet owners don’t realise their pet is overweight! (If you and your pet need help then check out our pet 4 week programs)

What's the impact if your dog is overweight?

So, what’s a few extra pounds? Well, it could mean the difference between a long, happy and pain-free life, or one coloured by disease and shortened by obesity.

The impact of additional weight or obesity on our dogs can include
an increased risk of skin conditions, chronic inflammation, arthritis, orthopaedic issues, kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, colitis and other digestive problems, urinary issues, liver disease, pancreatic inflammation, an increased risk of complications during surgery (which is more likely to be required) and, ultimately, a reduced life expectancy .

Cross reference this list with the top ten reasons for vet visits in dogs in 2018 (in the USA), and a clear pattern emerges:

  • 26% saw a vet for stomach issues,
  • 17% for skin conditions,
  • 14% for pain,
  • 10% for ear infections,
  • 7.7% for eye conditions,
  • 5.8% for a growth or lump,
  • 5% for cancer,
  • 4.8% for cruciate ligament or ACL,
  • 4.8% for a UTI and
  • 4.5% for a heart condition

So what can you do if your dog is overweight?

The answer is LOTS!

At Healthy Active Pet our team of Pet Nutritionists have created dog food for weight loss which includes our low calorie, high protein and metabolism boosting air dried raw dog food that is ideal to use if your dog needs to lose weight

We have also created a 4 week meal plan and raw dog food recipe and weight loss programs to follow as well as having the option to combine with our weight management air dried dog food

We take a balanced approach to nutrition so that it can fit into your life as well as getting your dog be in their best health

Below we have also summarised out top 10 tips to help your dog lose weight and keep it off .

1. Ditch the heavily processed, carbohydrate dense dog food

2. Start your dog on a fresh, species appropriate diet (check out our meal plans and recipes)

3. Stop obsessing over restricting calories and focus on nourishing your dog

4. Exercise with your dog daily

5. Make sure your dog is hydrated

6. Quit the ultra-processed treats and make simple, healthy swaps (check out our freeze dried turkey treats)

7. Become a planner and incorporate your dog’s food prep into your family’s routine

8. Keep healthy, easy options in the pantry for when life inevitably gets busy (such as our air dried dog food)

9. Monitor your dog’s body condition score regularly to track their progress (check this out here)

10. View this as an investment in your dog’s health that will extend your life together

And check out our 4 week dog challenge that encompasses all of the above and will put your dog on the right track 

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