Why this Kelpie made the ultimate support dog when their owner lost their partner

Why this Kelpie made the ultimate support dog when their owner lost their partner

Dogs are incredible and are much much more than just a pet.

And at Healthy Active Pet we love to share incredible stories from our community that showcase the love that we have for our dogs and the bond that exists between owner and dog.

And today we have a beautiful story of a Kelpie called Harper and Harper's owner Rebel.

Harper the Kelpie's story

Rebel says, "Harper is 7 this year. 

She was born in my sisters backyard, her Mum & Dad are my nephews dogs.

She came into my life right when I needed her, but I did not know it at the time. I sadly lost my husband to suicide in 2016.

She has been by my side, everyday since she was born on 19th August 2017.

Harper is very vocal, she loves to tell you how she feels.

She has a massive personality, absolutely loves water and is very competitive, she always has to come first amongst her friends.

She loves mouse hunting in the bush and is happiest when she's out playing with her friends. She's the clown of the pack.

Why Harpy is the best....She is my private comedian, protector, personal trainer, motivator and completely lights up my life! I owe her everything!

She has gotten me out into the world again. I've met some beautiful friends through Harper and she just gives me every reason to live, which is why I try so hard to make her life the best it possibly can be.

I tear up just thinking about her.

She has a few nick names too - Harpy, Harp, Precious or Baby Girl. Mostly Harpy.

Harper the Kelpie's health 

Harper is a very fit and healthy kelpie.  The main issue she has is scooting her backside along the ground.

She has had all vaccinations and I'm up-to-date with worming  and I have recently put her on a probiotic, yet to see results.

Other than that, she's pretty good.  Just some sore muscles sometimes from loads of exercise, playing and swimming.

Harper the Kelpie's diet and dog food

I have recently changed Harper from home-cooked meals to 50% raw and 50% lightly poached foods and am now using Healthy Active Pet raw food dog food recipes

I think a balance of both is good.  She seems to like it and has always licked her bowl clean. I have never given her dry dog food (kibble) and never would.  

Three benefits of owning a Kelpie dog:

  1. Highly Energetic and Active: Kelpies are known for their high energy levels and stamina, making them excellent companions for active individuals or families who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and agility training.

  2. Intelligent and Trainable: Kelpies are highly intelligent and eager to learn, making them relatively easy to train. They excel in obedience, herding, and various dog sports, and they thrive when given tasks and mental stimulation.

  3. Loyal and Protective: Kelpies are known for their loyalty and protective nature towards their families. They form strong bonds with their owners and can be excellent watchdogs, alerting their owners to any potential threats.

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