How Rottweiler owner saves money with a raw food diet

How Rottweiler owner saves money with a raw food diet

My name is Hayley and I am the owner if a gorgeous Rottweiler called Hodge and we have been raw feeding using Healthy Active Pet raw dog food recipes.

When I got Hodge I only wanted the best for his health and well being so I looked into raw feeding and a raw dog food diet after a lot of Rottweiler owners finding great benefits from it. 

I recently started bulk cooking his food so I only have to do it once every 2 - 3 weeks and I use the Healthy Active Pet dog food recipes. Takes me about two hours total but about 40 minutes hands on. 

I purchase extra vegetables in our weekly shops and prep it while I prep our hooman veg and it’s saved so much time on prep day. 

I’ve found it’s helped me keep hodge with a stable weight, he licks his bowl clean, his coat is stunning and only needs a wash monthly - and his energy levels have been awesome. 

How I saved thousands making homemade dog food recipes

One of the best things about feeding Hodge a raw dog food diet is that I have now saved thousands a year by making Hodges food myself and still providing him with a complete and nutritious meal jam packed with five different proteins!

I bulk buy and fill the deep freeze with meat. Each week when I do my weekly prep I buy extra veg like pumpkin, sweet potato etc and pre chop it for the freezer ready for prep day.

Once I cooked the pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot I keep that water as it’s filled with nutrients! 

This cook up took 2 hours total with only 40 minutes hands on work - all homemade dog food recipes are from the healthy active pet book


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