Rescue dog shares his goals including weight loss with Healthy Active Pet

Rescue dog shares his goals including weight loss with Healthy Active Pet

At Healthy Active Pet we love to share stories from dogs in our community.

And today we are meeting Samuel the rescue dog who has recently started using Healthy Active Pet freeze dried dog food and raw feeding dog food recipes.

Thank you to Samuel's human, Belinda, for talking to us!

Meet Samuel the rescue dog

Belinda, Samuel's owner says, "I've done a grocery list today and going shopping tomorrow to get supplies I need to make some of the raw feeding dog food recipes from healthy active pet.

I'll also be adding some of the freeze dried dog food dried mix to my dogs kibble.

As well as Samuel, my blue heeler who is 2 years old, I also have Marshall my foxy x jack Russell who is 6 years old and Aria who is a husky x kelpie and Chase staffy x wolfhound (6 month olds) will also be trialing the healthy active pet dog food.

All these dogs are rescues chase is actually a foster dog and available for adoption.

Healthy Active Pet - Tell us about Samuel

Belinda - Samuel was a rescue as were all my dogs and he is super snuggly, smart and a quick learner despite being almost completely deaf. He is an active boy and loves playing with other dogs.

Healthy Active Pet - what are Samuel's nick names?

Belinda - Sam, Boof head

Healthy Active Pet - tell us any health concerns Samuel has

Belinda - Samuel is a little overweight and hopefully the Healthy Active Pet weight loss dog food can help with this. He is otherwise quite healthy and enjoys a wide variety of foods. He is still young so other than an ear infection at 6 months He hasn't really had any health issue.

Healthy Active Pet - what is Samuel's favourite food?

Belinda - He loves chicken either roast or steamed pieces, Chicken necks, Small bits of cheese or sausage (used at dog training), Liver and kangaroo treats are also a favourite of his.

Healthy Active Pet - any food he really doesn't like?

Belinda - Any tin food won't even try the smallest bit. Anything green ie peas are always left in his bowl.

Healthy Active Pet - what is Samuel's experience with raw feeding?

Belinda - Samuel has a combined diet of dry (saviourlife food) and mince (I get from a local dog butcher) mixed with some grain free pasta, rice and veggies. 

You can also follow Samual on instagram @marshall_pixie_sam_and_fosters

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