The best air dried raw dog food

The best air dried raw dog food

Air dried dog food is a fantastic way to seal in all the goodness of a raw feeding recipe for dogs and have it as a convenient and long lasting dog food.

Air dried dog food is made by slowly removing the water content from raw food ingredients using a low heat air drying process.

This preserves the nutrients and enzymes in the food, resulting in a highly nutritious product. 

And at Healthy Active Pet, we create a premium air dried raw dog food using one of our popular raw dog food recipes.

We are passionate about helping pets be in their best health possible and we are strong advocates of raw feeding dog recipes and air dried dog food.

We also have heaps of free content (from our expert team) to help inform and educate you plus we have meal plans, recipes, books and we manufacture our own freeze and air dried dog food In Australia.

healthy active pet air dried food

And below is a synopsis of how our Turkey & Sardine Complete meal (air dried) for dogs is made and some pictures of the manufacturing process.

And something super good to know about this product is that is it is 100% free from chicken or beef - something that is pretty rare today in dog food.

healthy active pet raw food

And you can check it our directly in our shop here.

healthy active pet air dried food

🇦🇺Our products are all made in Australia (regional Australia) and we only use Aussie human grade ingredients of the highest quality

😓And the process of each batch is quite intense so we can deliver the highest quality and highest nutrition dog food product

🥦Firstly we source all the fresh fruits and veggies, fish, meats and herbs from local suppliers in Australia.

🎗It is SUPER important for us that we are supporting other local Aussie businesses and this is why we source all ingredients locally.

💚Plus we only use local packaging manufacturers and use environmentally friendly and recyclable pouches.

🥕Then all the fruits and veggies have to be prepared (grated, diced, & steamed).

💨Then we air dry all the food which takes at least a week - and this ensures that all the goodness is sealed in.

🚫Nothing artificial is added. It is just raw food then air dried.

🦃In our Turkey & Sardine Complete Meal the ONLY ingredients in it are turkey breast, duck gizzards, sardines, duck liver, sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, strawberries, calcium, wheatgerm oil, organic tumeric powder, organic wheatgrass powder and organic kelp powder

📦Then the team put it all into the packaging and weighs it to make sure it is all correct (900g) and then when all the packaging is completed, it is sent to our warehouse for distribution to all our amazing customers.

And this is some footage to show the process happening right now and what happens every single month.

P.S we are 100% Aussie owned and a family business who are PASSIONATE about pet health and we are not owned or affiliated to any of the big pet food companies 

Thank you so much for reading about our air dried dog food and you can see our full range here


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