How To Prepare Veggies Correctly For Dogs

How To Prepare Veggies Correctly For Dogs

We love how Sally has shared her tips on how to feed dogs veggies.

Sally Purbrick-Illek is a retired science educator whom became interested in canine health and nutrition after losing her first dog to lymphoma.

She owns three active working border collies aged 11, 8 and 3 years and helps people with their working breed dogs via her Facebook page Dog Works

Sally says, "I made some veggies for my dogs this morning. 
Here is the commentary for the photos!
Dogs can't digest the cell wall (cellulose) in vegetable matter. If you feed it raw in chunks, it can't be digested so your dog will not receive the benefits.

Ideally the vegetables should be raw and crushed, so either put them through a juicer, blender or through a meat mincer and feed the pulp to your dog.

Alternatively, you can chop them roughly, steam briefly in the microwave and then blend. I grow a lot of herbs and veggies in my garden, so today I used zucchini, parsley, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot.

I only peel the pumpkin as the skin can be a bit tough and my dogs just spit it out!

Steamed vegetables

Blended and cooled final product. My dogs get about two tablespoons per day with their regular meals that I make myself.

Store the crushed vegetables in the refrigerator or freeze for later use"

Thank you Sally so much for sharing 

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