High protein dog food snack

High protein dog food snack

Switching to a homemade, raw dog food diet doesn’t mean your dog has to miss out on treats and snacks.

And in our raw dog food recipe books you will see lots of raw dog recipes which encompass raw dog food recipes and dog snack recipes.

Treats are an important part of your dog’s routine, and they are invaluable for training and forming good habits. But it’s easy to overindulge and often they’re not particularly healthy if you are buying them from the supermarket which are LOADED with all kinds of additives - just look at the labels.

raw dog food snacks

Instead of processed treats try some nutritious options such as poached chicken breast pieces, dehydrated meats, banana chips, carob or yoghurt drops, berries, apple pieces, little cheese cubes (so long as your dog isn’t lactose-intolerant), or a few raw nuts (never feed macadamias).

Keeping a variety of these types of foods in a jar in the fridge will keep things interesting for your dog.

And here's a GREAT dehydrated dog food chicken recipe to try

raw dog food snacks

All you need for this home made dog food recipe is chicken or turkey pieces, nutritional yeast and/or herbs.

To prepare, simply roll the poultry pieces in a blend of the yeast and herbs to lightly coat.

Place the meat onto a dehydrator sheet or baking tray and dry in a dehydrator, very low temperature oven or an air fryer with a dehydration setting.

raw dog food

Break a piece open to check it is dried all the way through. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

raw dog food snacks

Why Chicken is a great protein snack

  • Chicken has a high protein content of at least 75%
  • Chicken has a well balanced amino acid profile and is rich in minerals
  • Chicken is highly digestible and palatable
  • Chicken being less high in fat content encourages better digestion and improves stool quality

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