Read the reviews on Healthy Active Pet Dog Food

Read the reviews on Healthy Active Pet Dog Food

At Healthy Active Pet we are passionate about helping pets be in their best health possible

And our Turkey & Sardine Complete Meal is one of our best sellers - you can read about how it is made here (it is a premium product using only the highest quality, organic and human grade ingredients)

Read the reviews below

Tracy says"We got our first order and opened up a bag to let the girls try it last night
Safe to say they really enjoyed their taste test 😍.
One of my girls has very bad allergies and turkey is her main source of protein she can tolerate duck and sardines so your food is definitely going to always be in the household now"
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@Whereswallyh says , "I is got a pawsome package dis week…some yummy treats, food and a toy from @healthyactivepet 😍⁠

The treats are yummy and healthy freeze dried Turkey treats…mummy had to break dem up but I is gobbled them up yum 🦃⁠

The foods is a delicious complete foods with all da nutritional value us puppers need with Turkey and sardines 🤤⁠

You should totally check out @healthyactivepet for all their pawsome products including meal plans and cookbooks to ensure us puppers get da best food we can ❤️⁠
food and a toy from @healthyactivepet 😍"⁠
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Kelly says, "what can I say … they were POPULAR!
This stuff must smell amazing because Cash literally licked the package.
Even Elsie loved it and she’s so picky"

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Ingrid says, " Our standard poodle loves this food and will do just about anything to have more! He’s vibrant and glowing with health which we attribute to his raw diet and this complete turkey and sardines food.We are definitely loyal customers!"
Healthy active pet reviews
Lizzie says, "I have tried a few air dried dog foods but I don’t like they all have beef and chicken in and are extruded so you have no idea as to what is on it.
This is natural , crunchy and has no beef or chicken which is great as my dogs get diarrhoea with anything with chicken and beef in. Will buy again"

Healthy Active Pet Reviews
Joanne says, " It is a fantastic product. Really crunchy which my dogs love and it was great to see the actual food in its original form as so many products are ground down and processed. I will 100% be using again and I would recommend"
Raw dog food
Bel says, " I came across Healthy Active Pet and had ordered a couple of their slow feeding bowls, but also noticed the air-dried human grade food. I had been researching different food options so ordered the Complete Raw Dog Food Meal.
My dogs loved it. I was so impressed I signed up for the 12-month membership to have full access to all programs and recipes so I can prepare options at home and know exactly what they are consuming. I highly recommend."
Raw dog food
And you can check out the full range of products in our shop here
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