Hodge's incredible results on Healthy Active Pet

Hodge's incredible results on Healthy Active Pet

The premise of Healthy Active Pet is that to be healthy and live a long life, pets need the correct nutrition - without this correct nutrition, dogs and cats can become very unhealthy.

And the number one way to deliver the best nutrition for your animal is feeding them a species appropriate diet - and not by feeding them kibble.

And for dogs this means a fresh food diet - high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Our focus is educating and informing pet owners to make the best decisions for your pet and our approach is a balanced and healthy approach.

And we were delighted to see this feedback from Hayley whose gorgeous dog, Hodge, has been following the Healthy Active Pet program over the past of months.

Hodge's results on Healthy Active Pet

Hayley says, "Hodge begun his journey on the healthy active pet program two months ago now! And the results have been incredible. 

For starters his coat has been amazing. It’s so soft and fluffy.


He use to be quite itchy and that has completely gone away. 

He was diagnosed with OCD in both his back ankles and often after a walk or a play he would be quite sore and tired however now his energy levels are much higher and I’d say inflammation has decreased which helps him now be able to play for longer without being in pain. 

A huge one I’ve also noticed is his sleeping has improved hugely.

He use to wake in the night and just kind of potter around where as now he completely sleeps through the night without any issues. 

It’s so important to care for our dogs diet as the saying goes “we are what we eat” so even your dog needs a good balanced diet to stay healthy and happy and I 100% recommend Healthy Active Pet"

You can see Hodge's meal prep here too

Hodge has using our recipes from our recipe programs and our air dried dog food.

You can see them all here 


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