How does Healthy Active Pet Work?

How does Healthy Active Pet Work?

Healthy Active Pet has launched with a mission to help pet owners re-think pet nutrition for dogs.


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The premise of Healthy Active Pet is that to be healthy and live a long life, pets need the correct nutrition - without this correct nutrition, dogs and cats can become unhealthy.

And the number one way to deliver the best nutrition for your animal is feeding them a species appropriate diet - and not by feeding them heavily processed food.

And for dogs this means a fresh food diet - high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

And through Healthy Active Pet, we want to help you to achieve and we have a number of options to choose from - all listed below

    1. Free content on the website set to educate, inspire and inform pet owners on the best health, nutrition and advice to keep your pets in the best health possible and to live a long life. Go to 
    2. Raw dog food recipes and meal plans. We offer a variety of additional raw food recipes, meal plans, guides and programs catering to the health and nutrition needs of dogs including weight maintenance meal plans, sensitive dog meal plans and puppy meal plans. See them here  All recipes are created by our Pet Nutritionist and meet AAFCO standards
    3. Air dried and freeze dried complete dog food - we offer extremely high quality complete dog food. Our dog food is a high protein nutrition powerhouse for dogs. Made from 100% human grade and raw premium ingredients then air dried or freeze dried to lock all the goodness in. No additives, no preservatives, no fillers and no grain

It is VERY important to note that dogs can become malnourished if they are not fed a balanced diet. So it is important if you are fresh or raw feeding your dog to follow recipes that are created by pet nutritionists and that meet the AAFCO guidelines so your pooch can thrive on a fresh food diet and so they do not miss out on vital nutrients.

Please note that ALL Healthy Active Pet recipes and formulas are created by our Pet Nutritionist and meet AAFCO standards.

Our focus is educating and informing pet owners to make the best decisions for your pet and our approach is a balanced and healthy approach.

Our expert animal nutritionist and experts will seek to educate you on what is best for your animal and there is no judgement - only support. 

Our website is also full of expert advice to help you become a more informed pet owner about the benefits of good nutrition for your pet.

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