Meet Marlin and Goose and see what dog food they like & how they reduced eye boogers

Meet Marlin and Goose and see what dog food they like & how they reduced eye boogers

At Healthy Active Pet we just cannot get enough of dogs and we know that you feel the same!

And although we manufacture dog food - freeze dried dog food  we also have over 80 raw dog food recipes - we are much more than just dog food and raw dog food recipes.

We love sharing your stories about dogs, your dogs and more importantly sharing how our dogs can life the longest and healthiest life possible.

And today we have are meeting the AWESOME Marlin and Goose - who are a a chocolate labrador kelpie cross and a golden retriever.  Thank you to Jo, their owner for talking to us

Meet the labrador and golden retriever

Healthy Active Pet: Tell us about your dogs

Jo: Marlin is so incredibly loyal, he will try to do anything I ask him to do even if he is not 100% confident.

Goose really has a go get 'em attitude. The only thing she isnt excited for in life is car trips.

Healthy Active PetWhat are your dogs nick names

Jo: Doob, doober, beeba.

Goose caboose, Goose maloose, Bella lagoosey (if she's being particularly naughty), Goosington

Healthy Active Pet: Do your dogs have any health issues?

Jo: Marlin has always had questionable skin and coat - we recently had a skin infection after a professional groom. Because of his breed mix, his coat has a mixed texture which makes achieving the "super soft" coat pretty hard.

We haven't confirmed but I believe Goose has some food allergies that mainly manifest as eye boogers. We've actually seen a reduction in this with the new chicken free recipe from Healthy Active Pet!

Healthy Active Pet: What is your dog's favourite food

Jo: Anything - he loves to steal bread!

Goose loves sardines, but hasn't met a food group she doesn't love. 

Healthy Active Pet - Tell us about your experience with raw feeding

Jo: Raw feeding has been great, less frequent, and smelly poops, better gut health and breath.

Goose's coat is so soft and shiny as well, we always get compliments on how soft she is. 

Healthy Active Pet - what do you think of Healthy Active Pet freeze dried dog food?

Jo: This is where Healthy Active Pet and their freeze-dried dog food comes into it.

We love to add it to our raw dog food recipes to make it go a bit further (let’s be honest, pet food is pricey, and anything to help stretch the budget a bit is welcome) but we also love to have a bag as a back up in case we run out of our regular food, if we decide to go camping or if we need something dry for enrichment purposes.

It’s also great in a pinch if you don’t have time to prep something for your dogs and they “just need to eat” – I kinda look at it like the Ubereats/takeout for dogs. When I’m sick, or we’ve been out late and need to just get it done – freeze-dried dog food is there to save the day.

Healthy Active Pet: Do you have an instagram we can follow your gorgeous chocolate labrador and golden retriever on?

Jo: Yes - @marlin.and.goose - follow here

And if you are interested in our dog food and raw feeding recipes - check out our dog food shop here

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