The best products for pets in Australia

The best products for pets in Australia

We all love our pets right! At Healthy Active Pet we are kind of obsessed by them.

Pets just brighten our day - every day. They have so much love for us and all they want in return is a cuddle, a play and food. 

And as pet owners we all want to do the best for them. We want to feed them the best pet food we can and treat them whenever we can.

And if you are looking for the best pet food - then check out our freeze dried dog food that is 5 star rated, human grade and jammed full of nutrition.

Today we wanted to highlight and shout out to some of the great pet products for sale in Australia so you can check them out for your pet. We hope you like them.

The best products for pets in Australia 

Bear & Co

Bear & Co is an Australian-based luxury accessories brand, specialising in handcrafted items for pets and their owners.

Their passion lies in keeping dogs and their owners stylishly coordinated while fostering a stronger bond through a shared love of fashion.

Our collections draw inspiration from the unique connection between dogs and their owners, offering a diverse range of products including dog bandanas, bows, clothing, and matching hats and tote bags for owners.

They prioritise innovative designs, meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics, and sustainability. Additionally, they provide a bespoke design service, allowing customers to have personalised handcrafted accessories according to their preferences, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces they can deeply cherish.

See their store here 

Reggie & Friends

Reggie and Friends Pet Accessories is an Australian based company that celebrates life with vibrant colourful pet accessories inspired by the love of lost companions and new furry friends.

Their dream is to bring joy and happiness through dogs whilst keeping them comfortable and safe. Their collections are all designed in house with ideas and images that bring a smile to everybody’s face.

They sell everything your pooch could need, from poo bag holders, to harnesses, collars and leads, through to cooling bandanas and bows to car seat belts and toys. They even stock dog glasses which look super cute for that ultimate insta photo! 

See their store here 
Wag Tail Natural

Wag Tail Natural advocates for a natural approach, aiding both humans and pets through the use of natural remedies such as 100% cold pressed Australian farmed hemp seed oil and copper jewellery and copper collars, promoting wellness in a more wholesome manner.

See their store here

Healthy Active Pet

If you are looking for the best freeze dried dog food or homemade dog food recipes then check out the Healthy Active Pet range which includes human grade freeze dried dog food and over 80 homemade dog food recipes.

Australian owned and made with fast shipping so your dog can eat the highest quality food with the best nutrition possible.

See the store here


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