Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor gets dog portrait tattoo of her beloved Rottweiler dog

Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor gets dog portrait tattoo of her beloved Rottweiler dog

Sometimes there are stories that are so incredible that they literally just blow you away.

And today we are sharing such a story.

And we are so lucky that Hayley, who is part of our Healthy Active Pet Community, is sharing her Hodgkin’s lymphoma story and how her incredible Rottweiler dog, Hodge, got her through this extremely hard time and how Hayley has now just got a dog portrait tattoo of her beloved Rottweiler dog.

Wow - now that is a BIG love!!

Read Hayley and Hodge's incredible story below

Hayley's Hodgkin’s lymphoma story and her Rottweiler Dog Hodge

"Hodge is a Rottweiler dog and he came into my life when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

We decided having a dog buddy to stick by my side 24/7 would be life changing and it really was.

Hodge was there for every cuddle and to wipe any tear I shed of pain during treatment 🥹

As to where Hodge got his name.

He was the most well behaved puppy.

Animals truly do understand when we aren’t well.

It took an army to raise Hodge as I was unable to walk most days so hats off to everyone for helping raise Hodge to the legend he is now.

I am now 2 years in remission and we are making the most of our time together.

We are always out camping, hiking or 4 wheel driving with dog dad.

I got this dog portrait tattoo as a badge of my courage and strength I endured during the treatment for the  Hodgkin’s lymphoma and to forever remember Hodge for being my rock through it all 🥰"

What dog food does Hodge eat for dog food?

Hodge is a nearly 50kg Rottweiler dog and eats a dog food diet combined with Healthy Active Pet freeze dried dog food.

And below, Hayley and her dog Hodge are showing how they are saving money through a raw feeding diet (and P.S they are using our Healthy Active Pet raw feeding recipes).

raw dog food diet

Hayley says, "I love the Healthy Active Pet raw dog food recipes and it was crazy once I crunched the numbers and saw how expensive the big raw food delivery brands were and how I am saving $3,692 a year!

raw dog food

We were mind blown when I started following the Healthy Active Pet recipes and got Hodges food costs down to $63.5 a week! I was previously using a subscription dog food company where I was spending $127 a week on!

raw dog food recipes

Hodge eats 1kg a day as he’s a big boy but I also need to keep his diet lean. One of our favourite recipes is the beef and chicken neck from the Healthy Active Pet raw food recipes. Hodge is usually pretty picky with his veggies but he literally ate this bowl clean.

I started by bulk buying the mince from my butcher at $10kg, I also purchase my veggies in the larger bags at the supermarket as you can just freeze the excess and use them the following week. We also opt for frozen Cauliflower as it’s cheaper overall.

raw diet for dogs

When I prepare this raw food dog food recipe I make two weeks worth as when buying in bulk I learnt I am saving $3,692 per year!

We mix our raw dog food recipes up to keep thing interesting for Hodge but bulk buying is the key.

We also invested in a deep freeze so we could freeze his meals straight away so they were always fresh offer defrosted.

raw dog food

Hodge absolutely loves to eat a raw diet. I’ve noticed a huge difference in his skin, fur and overall health.

I can’t recommend Healthy Active Pet recipes and their new Healthy Dog Happy Dog Book enough (P.S you can get the book in all book stores plus in David Jones and Big W)

raw food diet for dogs

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