Healthy Active Pet Content and Formulations

Healthy Active Pet Content and Formulations

At Healthy Active Pet, we are passionate about pets.

We love them and we only want the best for their health.

We want to empower pet parents so you can make the best health choices for your pet. 

As well as having our pet 4 week programs and raw pet food, we also have lots of FREE advice and recipes you can use to help you and your pet on our site.

And you can rest assured that any recipes and information are created by our expert team.

All our recipes have been formulated to meet the same standards commercial pet food in Australia is generally formulated to meet (the AAFCO standards) and are created by our pet nutritionist

And you can meet some of our experts below

Meet Clare 

Clare Kearney is an Australian pet nutritionist and writer, specialising in both canine and feline nutrition.

Clare kearney

Clare has studied small animal and natural nutrition at the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation and the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies and spent the better part of a decade actively educating herself about nutrition and the pet food industry.

Clare’s mission is to empower people to make informed choices on behalf of their pets, giving them the tools to live long, healthy and happy lives together.

Clare has become a trusted voice in the Australian pet nutrition space and is delighted to be helping dogs reach a healthy weight and lifestyle with Healthy Active Pet

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is an animal behaviour specialist, animal welfare specialist and expert in the canine industry.

Vanessa sewell

Vanessa completed a Bachelor of Animal Science majoring in canine and equine science at the University of New England.

Vanessa has extensively studied subjects relating to specialist animal science fundamentals including animal behaviour, nutrition, welfare, physiology, genetics and human-animal interactions, with a strong interest in canines.

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