Introducing The Complete Meal For Dogs

Introducing The Complete Meal For Dogs

We are super excited to announce that after 6 months of product development, testing and work that we can officially launch our first Healthy Active Pet complete pet food for your dog.

Our first launch is our weight management recipe - so perfect if your pet needs to shed a couple of kg (we have more recipes launching in 2023).

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Healthy Active Pet Complete Dog Food

All our recipes are created by our pet nutritionist and are formulated for maximum nutrition and taste.

The recipe is air dried to lock in the nutrition and has absolutely nothing artificial added whatsoever and is nothing but the highest grade fresh and human grade ingredients

What ingredients are in this recipe?

Turkey breast, duck gizzards, sardines, duck liver, sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, strawberries, calcium, wheatgerm oil, organic tumeric powder, organic wheatgrass powder, organic kelp powder

Healthy Active Pet Dog Food

All recipes are made in Australia and we are a 100% Aussie owned and operated. Plus all packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable plus this recipe contains turkey and is a much more environmentally friendly meat source (no beef is used)

The Healthy Active Pet weight management recipe is formulated to be rich in high quality animal protein to rapidly activate your pet’s metabolism and burn more calories while they digest and rest.

It is very low in sluggish carbs, so your dog will be leaner and livelier in no time at all.

It is formulated to contain digestive enzymes and prebiotic fibre from carefully selected fruits and vegetables, which support your pet’s gut microbiome for ultimate digestive health and wellbeing.

Our recipes provide real food that is unaltered, rich in organic nutrients and free from inflammatory ingredients or synthetic supplements.

This recipe is an exclusive blend of nutraceuticals, superfoods and herbs such as turmeric, kelp, wheatgrass and flaxseed oil, to not only help your pet lose any unwanted weight but turn their overall health around using the medicinal powers of real food.

This Healthy Active Pet air-dried recipe is 75% meat, organs and oily fish, combining turkey and sardines for maximum nutrition and digestibility

Key points

  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • 100% Human Grade Whole Foods
  • 100% Australian human grade meat
  • Australian Made + Sourced
  • Nothing artificial. No glycerine, sugars or coatings
  • No grains and low carb
  • Pet nutritionist created & approved
  • 0% preservatives and 0% grain


  • High meat content
  • Free-range grass fed farming
  • No antibiotics or growth promotants
  • No grains, sugars or glycerins
  • Turkey is a great choice for dogs who are sensitive to red meats and chicken

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