Ziggy Reviews Recipes, Meal Plans & Turkey Treats

Ziggy Reviews Recipes, Meal Plans & Turkey Treats

Meet the absolutely gorgeous Ziggy!

Ziggy is 1 year and 3 months old 

Ziggy is a maltese shihtzu cross

Ziggy's favourite toy is a squeaky ball that bounces across the floors at inside at home bc he can run after it like crazy

Ziggy's favourite treat is the freeze dried turkey treats

And Ziggy has been road testing our pet nutritionist created meal plans and recipes

And this the feedback Ziggy and his hooman have given

"Ziggy usually gets lightly cooked kangaroo and veggies for dinner, but recently he's hasn't been finishing his food, and he usually cleans his bowl. 

From time to time he goes through picky eating phases.

Following the Healthy Dog Program and the recipes and advice on what (and why) dogs can have different types of food, I added some diced beef to his food yesterday.

The hardest thing I've found with Ziggy is figuring out what to give him and what I can combine it with -- so the clear advice and combinations in the program were fantastic!

It's the first time he's had beef so it's not a whole lot in his bowl at the moment, but given how satisfied he looked, I'll keep up with it."

To check out the recipes and plans Ziggy used go here

What did Ziggy think about the Turkey Treats?

And see Ziggy's feedback on the turkey treats below

"There is nothing Ziggy wouldn't do for the right treat, and these new turkey treats from Healthy Active Pet hit the spot -- so much so that he couldn't contain himself!

These were the first time he had turkey treats as well. They came in generous sizes, and he enjoyed a good chew before he was ready for the next one!"

Check out the 100% human grade turkey treats here


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