Stop Dog Fart With This Raw Dog Food Recipe

Stop Dog Fart With This Raw Dog Food Recipe

If dog fart is a smell you don't love then we have an awesome chicken raw dog food recipe that is a great one to solve the dog fart problem!

These raw dog food recipes are from our dog food recipe books and you can access the all here

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Raw Dog Food Recipe To Stop The Dog Fart

This raw dog food recipe could benefit dogs with smelly butts! And if you want to see more on raw dog food - see our raw dog food guide here

The chicken recipe is a great option for dogs who have excessive farting or gassiness, as well as those with smelly butts.

The addition of spinach and blueberries help to regulate the digestive tract and provide antioxidants, while the use of chicken as the main protein source is highly digestible and low in fat, encouraging better digestion and reducing the likelihood of digestive upset.

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Additionally, the inclusion of sardines, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, helps to support healthy skin and coat, reducing any unpleasant odours.

The chicken recipe provides a balanced and nutritious meal for your dog while naturally aiding digestive issues - reducing the dog fart smell!

Ingredients: Creates a 1kg batch of food

  • 600g Chicken Thigh, Meat Only, Raw
  • 250g Chicken Necks, Bone & Meat Only, Raw
  • 70g Beef Liver, Raw
  • 110g Spinach, Raw
  • 55g Sardine, Canned, In Water, No Salt
  • 50g Blueberries
  • 100g Duck Gizzard, Raw
  • 0.33g Kelp Powder
  • 0.08g Vitamin E, 30 IU/drop

Total kCal in Recipe: 1183


  • All meat and bone in this recipe should be served raw
  • Practice safe food handling techniques including washing of hands before and after handling raw meat
  • After cutting raw meats, wash all surfaces with hot soapy water
  • We recommend pre-portioning and freezing any extra food you don’t plan to feed after 72 hours
  • Frozen food is best offered up to 3 months after freezing for optimal nutrition. All nuts, seeds, grains, tablet based supplements, and produce used in this recipe should be finely chopped for better digestibility, bioavailability, and distribution. (a food processor works great for this step)
  • Fine powder supplements and oils should be thoroughly mixed into the recipe
  • Capsule/perle ingredients may be opened for better distribution
  • Fish oils or other sources of omega 3 fatty acids should be added at the time of feeding
  • Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, then add in supplements

Why is Chicken the main source of protein in this dog fart recipe?

  • Chicken has a high protein content of at least 75%
  • Chicken has a well balanced amino acid profile and is rich in minerals
  • Chicken is highly digestible and palatable
  • Chicken being less high in fat content encourages better digestion and improves stool quality

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