How this Corgi owner is extending the life of her beloved dogs

How this Corgi owner is extending the life of her beloved dogs

At Healthy Active Pet, we are passionate about the health of dogs.

We want them to live the longest and healthiest life possible and we believe that we can help to achieve this through the choice of dog food we feed them and their diet.

And we are big advocates of a raw dog food diet - or a barf dog food diet.

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And today, Tania shares her story about how she is seeking to extend the life of her gorgeous corgis.

Thank you Tania for sharing your story!

"I wanted to share my story and why a good healthy diet is so important to my dogs.

I have Purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgis, I have been involved with Pembrokes my whole life, but my husband and I took a chance on a wonderful boy from WA in 2015 and now are Cardi die hards. 

As I have had three Pembrokes pass away under the age of 9, when Brychan arrived I started getting anal about what foods and supps I fed him. 

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Over the years trying all sorts of dry foods, and never being totally happy until I switched to a raw dog food barf diet.

I then started looking at certain supps etc to compliment the diet... I am really happy with the combination we have found, and its working well. 

Brychan is now 9, retired from the show ring, as he gained his Grand Championship, but I could put him back in the ring tomorrow and he would still be super competitive.

Onto Mabli.  She obtained her Champion Title, I then decided I wasn't going to breed from her, and had her desexed. 

One show away from her Neuter Title (show that weekend was cancelled due to rain), I had another dog at this time, whom Mabli was playing with no dramas. 

I heard a squeal, nothing to really grab my attention though, but noticed both dogs were getting tired, and Mab looked like she had a tiny bit of a sore leg, so I put them both to bed for rest..... next morning Mab couldn't walk....of course its a Sunday so emergency vet is required. 

pembroke corgi

The only time she showed any signs of pain was when my husband lifted her into the car..  Diagnosis IVDD, had basically blown a disc and will need spine surgery asap. 

The diagnosis was not great, but we knew Mab was a sassy little thing, and she was 4, so we decided to give her a  chance and see how she goes. 


Worst case scenario, she doesn't come home, second best, she ends up in a cart, best she will walk again ( we were looking at second best as our best).... 

Post surgery she managed really well.  Vets, nurses etc all very happy, except for her urine output, she could not pee on her own. 

dog acupuncture

We had to learn to express her bladder twice a day, we found this was a great time for her to also complete her exercises. 

Apart from this, we had so many compliments on how she was going, and we kept getting asked what we were doing to help her come along so well. 


Mabli now demands a daily walk, and will easily go 1kms, its not a pretty or fast walk, but its a walk.  And boy can she run!!

I believe in healing from the inside out, so her food, and supplements became even more important. 

We removed her of the pharmaceuticals and took the natural route as much as possible, this was also the way for her rehab. 


Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Red Light Therapy, CVT Therapy.  I also use these on myself so if its good enough for me its good enough for her.

I am really fussy about what goes into my dogs mouths, even though they will probably eat anything, so anything I add to their meals, or treats has to be really awesome. 

pembroke corgi

Now we have found Healthy Active Pet, and I am so happy with it all.  We use it as a topper to their meat to add some extra flavour and texture (not that they care, its all about me, and what I want for them).  

Thank you to the team at Healthy Active Pet, the Cardis are loving your products"

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