How Hodge Meal Preps His Raw Food To Save Money & Time

How Hodge Meal Preps His Raw Food To Save Money & Time

At Healthy Active Pet we are passionate about dogs being in their best health.

And what a dog eats is a big part of that.

Just like for humans, nutrition is so important for animals to thrive, to be at a healthy weight and to avoid illness - and we need to feed our dogs a species appropriate diet which fuels their body.

But what we don't want to do is make any owner feel bad about their choices.

We know so many people feed their dogs kibble as it is cheap and also most people are unaware of what is actually in kibble and how it is not the best choice for dogs. You can read more on that here.

We also know cost of living is always an issue and pets can be expensive.

So we wanted to show owners how you can make your own dog food at home (so you know what is in it) and so you give your dog the best nutrition possible.

We also wanted to show that meal prepping is a GREAT way to reduce costs and today Hayley and Hodge have been using the Healthy Active Pet meal plans and have been meal prepping. (P.S all our meal plans are created by our pet nutritionist and are designed to fuel your dogs health)

Hayley got the costs down to $10 per day for Hodge and bought everything from a supermarket. (Hodge is a two year old active Rottweiler weighing 48kgs. Based on vet advice Hodge eats a 900g meal for both breakfast and dinner.)

Next month Hayley is going to do more meal prep but is going to source the ingredients from other places to see how low she can get the costs to - stay tuned for this!

Check out how Hayley & Hodge went below

Hodges first week following the Healthy Active Pet meal plan.

I decided to go with two recipes so Hodge gets the variety from breakfast to dinner. I made the beef and chicken neck for breakfast then the kangaroo and turkey for dinner.

Turkey neck was unavailable so I opted for turkey mince instead and added chicken necks.

Healthy Active Pet Meal Prep

The lamb liver or kidney were also unavailable so I used chicken liver. The best part of these recipes is you can alter where need be based on availability.

The only item I had to switch for the beef and chicken neck was the beef liver. I used chicken liver as that’s all that was in stock. (you can also see a food substitution list here that Healthy Active Pet did and that I found really useful)

Hodge eats quite a large portion as he has always eaten such a lean diet it and it works for him as it keeps the weight off.

Hodge is a two year old active Rottweiler weighing 48kgs. Based on vet advice Hodge eats a 900g meal for both breakfast and dinner.

Healthy Active Pet recipes

He’s always been on the lower side of weight as to why we feed him a larger amount.

Based on Hodges 900 grams per meal twice a day. I worked his meals out to be $10.37. For high quality human grade food.

These recipes show you it is achievable to bulk make your pets food from home for a fraction of the cost.

We are definitely making the switch to the Healthy Active Pet meal plan!

Hodge has always eaten raw kangaroo, with brown rice and mixed vegetables however now since following these recipes it’s shown me I don’t need to bulk the meals up with unnecessary carbohydrates as it’s doable without them.

The Healthy Active Pet team has created a great chart for you to get started so you are able to get an idea of how much your dog should be eating based on fresh DIY recipes and air dried recipes.

I can’t recommend the program enough! (check it out here)

Make the change for your pooch and give them the food they deserve to live a long happy life.

You can also see their dog food here which is raw but air dried so all the goodness is sealed in



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