How to find the best dry dog food

How to find the best dry dog food

Dry dog food is a super convenient dog food.

And around 80% of dog owners feed their dogs dry dog food on a regular basis

But how do you know what is in it and how can you choose the best dry dog food?

How to find the best dry dog food

One of the most commonly bought dry dog food is kibble 

Other dried dog food you will find in some shops is air dried dog food and freeze dried dog food.

So what's the difference?

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Let's have a look at how kibble dry dog food is made

Regular kibble is typically produced through a manufacturing process known as "extrusion." Here's a breakdown of the extrusion process:

  1. Many of the ingredients undergo processing or cooking even before they reach the factory, such as meat meals. This means that a significant portion of nutrients is already diminished or lost at this stage.

  2. The processed ingredients are then subjected to high-pressure steam and extreme heat, reaching temperatures in the several hundred degrees range. This process transforms them into a uniform paste.

  3. This paste is subsequently cut into consistent shapes and placed in a high-temperature drying oven.

  4. Finally, the finished product is packaged into bags and shipped out of the factory.

While extrusion is incredibly efficient in producing large quantities of food in a short timeframe, it comes with drawbacks. It results in the destruction of many essential nutrients your pet needs due to the multiple rounds of cooking, exposure to extreme temperatures, and high-pressure conditions.

The levels of protein, vitamins, and antioxidants are significantly reduced because of the extreme heat, leading to a considerable decrease in the overall nutritional value of the food.

You might wonder if there are any nutrients left at all. While some nutrients remain, they often come from artificial preservatives and vitamin supplements, which are added to "compensate" for the lost nutrients.

Another issue is that commercial pet food extruders often struggle to handle fresh ingredients with higher moisture content. This limitation forces manufacturers to rely on highly processed and rendered ingredients like meat meals, which have substantially lower nutritional value compared to their fresh counterparts.

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Now let's look at how freeze dried dry dog food is made

Freeze-drying is a unique dehydration process that extracts moisture from fresh food by transitioning it directly from a solid to a gas state, a phenomenon known as sublimation.

This method leaves freeze-dried dry dog food with minimal moisture content, resulting in incredibly shelf-stable treats. Remarkably, freeze-dried dog food can stay fresh for extended periods, even without refrigeration!

The absence of water means no need for chemical additives or preservatives.

Advantages of Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

The freeze-drying process preserves the nutritional value of the food, ensuring freeze-dried dog food remains as wholesome as fresh food.

In fact, it often boasts even higher nutrient levels than fresh alternatives, thanks to the preservation benefits of freezing.

Beyond its nutritional excellence, freeze-dried dog food is exceptionally convenient. This dry dog food is simple to store and require no refrigeration, making them a perfect choice for pet owners on the go or those with limited storage space.

Freeze-dried foods offer an intensely concentrated flavour that dogs find irresistible.

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Freeze-dried dog food not only serve as rewarding incentives for good behaviour but also serve as an excellent introduction to the world of raw foods. Raw diets are gaining popularity for their perceived health benefits compared to heavily processed alternatives.

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