Daisy makes a puppy raw dog food recipe

Daisy makes a puppy raw dog food recipe

At Healthy Active Pet we LOVE home made raw dog food recipes

We believe a home made and raw feeding diet is the healthiest diet we can give to our dogs and today Dairy is showing off one of our home made dog food recipes from our recipe books

raw feeding diet for dogs

Daisy's owner, Cassie, says, "Let’s make Puppy Roo and Lamb from the Healthy Active Pet puppy raw feeding recipe ebook! 

Daisy absolutely loved this, there was so much flavour, and lots of texture. (You can see Daisy making the recipe here)

I think the mussels were her favourite part. We are working our way through the Healthy Active Pet puppy recipe book, and can’t wait to make more balanced raw recipes like this one!

The book is canine nutritionist certified and makes it so easy to make a quick and easy meal for your dog that you know meets all the nutritional markers they need!

raw feeding recipes for dogs

And how’s all those tongues she lost control of her tongue when the cod liver oil went in!

Check out the Healthy Active Pet raw feeding dog recipes here


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