4 chicken free dog food recipes you can make at home

4 chicken free dog food recipes you can make at home

If you are looking for chicken free dog food recipes then we have you covered.

We have 4 chicken free dog food recipes that you can make right now!

And did you know approximately 20% of dogs have a chicken allergy and cannot eat dog food with chicken in?

This is why we have also created a chicken free dog food which is a complete and freeze dried dog food and which instead uses chicken - you can see the whole chicken free dog food range here.

Chicken free dog food recipes

Food allergies in dogs can manifest in various ways, and chicken is a common allergen that affects many canines.

If your dog exhibits symptoms such as itching, gastrointestinal issues, or skin irritations after consuming chicken, it may be a sign of a chicken allergy and it could be worth trying some chicken free dog food recipes.

What you need also need to know is that chicken is the go-to of the dog food world.

There’s no denying that dogs love the taste of chicken, and it’s also convenient that it’s a lean protein source that’s also cheap compared to lamb and beef.

This makes chicken an affordable and viable protein source for dogs and the major dog food manufactures - and that is why it is in most of all of the pet food out there!

But if your dog is allergic to chicken this can prove difficult when buying pet food.

And I get it! My dogs (Maxie and Frankie) are SUPER allergic to chicken and even if they have a little bit it leads to so much diarrhea that lasts for days!

It is also worth noting that dogs can also develop a chicken allergy through exposure, which means the more you feed your pet chicken, the more likely he is to become allergic to it.

These 4 chicken free recipes are great ones to try and you can serve them raw of lightly cooked - just remember to never cook any bones

Get your 4 chicken free recipes here 


Get your 4 chicken free recipes here 

We hope you love them and don't forget to take a look at our chicken free freeze dried dog food - you can see the whole chicken free dog food range here.

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