Freeze Dried Turkey Treats 100% Human Grade Protein

Freeze Dried Turkey Treats 100% Human Grade Protein

Our freeze dried turkey treats are 100% human grade and single protein.

They are receiving 5 star reviews and dogs are loving them!

The turkey recipe is freeze dried to lock in the nutrition and has absolutely nothing artificial added whatsoever and is nothing but the highest grade fresh and human grade turkey

Turkey is a lean meat that is rich in protein for muscle growth and maintenance. It contains lots of B vitamins, and is especially rich in niacin, B6 and B12, which promote an active metabolism and play an important role in brain and nervous system health.
  • Human grade meat
  • Single ingredient protein source
  • Pet Nutritionist approved
  • Nutrient dense
  • All natural products - nothing artificial
  • Low in calories
Key points
  • A lean, high protein, single ingredient treat
  • Freeze dried to lock in all the nutrients of raw turkey
  • Rich in B vitamins, zinc and selenium
  • Contains mood boosting tryptophan

Approx 60g in weight

All recipes are made in Australia and we are a 100% Aussie owned and operated. Plus all packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable plus this recipe contains turkey and is a much more environmentally friendly meat source (no beef is used)

All our recipes are created by our pet nutritionist and are formulated for maximum nutrition and taste.

Turkey thigh nutrition panel:

  • Protein: 80.59%
  • Fat: 10.12%
  • Ash 4.29%
  • Fibre: 0%
  • Moisture 5%
  • Calories per 100g: 96

What are some of the reviews?

Bernie is in love with the turkey treats and Healthy Active Pet Program - he always wants more

Healthy Active Pet

Leroy is a sucker for Healthy Active Pet food - and as the pet parent I am so happy they are healthy and packed with nutrition

Healthy Active Pet

Benji and Charlie LOVE the turkey treats and are wanting more constantly! They are a great treat and I love they are freeze dried and chicken free (my dogs have sensitive tummies!)

Healthy Active Pet

Roxie and Freddie are fussy eaters but they adore the Healthy Active Pet food - it is a big winner in our house

Healthy Active Pet

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