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Healthy Active Pet Reviews

And here are what other dog owners are saying about our products


Based on 360 reviews
The Starter Guide To Raw Feeding Your Dog

Very comprehensive-have started our girl on the raw food diet plan. It is getting expensive for a 35kg dog so advice on simplifying to fewer cuts of less expensive proteins would be welcome. We will see how we go over the whole month and what it costs. She is loving it though!!

She loves it

My dog who’s almost two loves the HAP dried raw food She either has it with warm water to make a warm sludge of goodness during these cold months or she has it as a topper sprinkled over her other food

First time user

It has to be said that this product is expensive for me. I mix it with other biscuits and add warm water. My new dog, Esther is a rescue with a sad history so I want to give her the best possible life now. She loves this food, wags her tail and sits watching me prepare it.

My dog loves the salmon bellies and they are so good for them

My dog loves the salmon bellies and they are so good for them

Salmon belly treats

These are a high end reward in our house. If there’s some serious training to be done the salmon belly comes out! Works wonders!

My dogs loves the recipes

Great recipes and great information

10 out of 10

Impressive information and I am now 100% onboard with getting my lab in better health


Such a great product with amazing content - I am 100% on board with getting my dog ib better health

A bit hit with my dogs

They absolutely love them

So far so good

Used ro buy the air-dried ones. Pup seems to enjoy the freeze dried versions (bought Turkey as well), the peas are still rock-hard after soaking. Also found some salmon bones that are still quite sharply - I now crumbles the freeze dried to check for bones and pick out peas. Hopefully more freeze dried options in the future

Freeze dried Turkey & salmon

My girl loved your food but due to her being 85kg I used it as a topper.
I would definitely use it for a small dog but it works out a bit expensive for a large dog.
I've always wondered what it was like so thank you for chance to try it. I would definitely recommend it.

Best deal money can buy!

I love this package deal that HAP offers! It’s perfect because I grab 2 of each complete meals for my girls and they love both!! It’s definitely worth the money. I love seeing my girls gobble up the food and they tend to lick the bowl for many minutes after 😊

Turkey and Salmon Freeze Dried Raw dog Food

My Pups woofed down the new Turkey and Salmon Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food. They really liked this combination, I will purchase something bigger than the trial pack.

I have been waiting for this!

I have been patiently waiting for this book so extremely happy it is out! Recipes looks great - thank you for creating!

Incredible value

So impressed with the value and how much content you receive

Game changer

My dog loves this and she can be fussy sometimes During these cold days I mix it with warm water to warm and fill her tummy She licks the bowl clean

Absolute god send

I live in a small rural town and finding access to these products is an absolute not happening.
The time frame between ordering and delivery was so quick.
I’m beyond excited to be able to now get my pet food prep on

Turkey Treats

Our dog absolutely loves the Turkey treats. She would eat them all day if we let her.

freeze dried raw dog food

zeus seems to like, not so much as a dry topper so i tend to give it to him wet and will continue for a couple more months to see how he goes

My girls are hapoy

Absolutely love the treats. The girls ex working dogs are still somewhat active but I’m very mindful of making sure they don’t get overweight and it’s nice to be able to treat them without worrying.

Love it!

I love that it’s not completely plastic cos it means it’s not something that my dogs can destroy within 1 meal. The stainless steel means I can throw it in the dishwasher and not have to touch the gunk that might be left which makes cleaning so much more pleasant.

Salmon Bellies

My dog just loves the salmon bellies

The Bomb

I love it, most importantly the dogs love it. Win win

Salmon skins

Fantastic Customer Service
My dog loves his new treats

Hey Kylie - I just looked at your tracking and it has been at the post office since April 30 - I will send you a separate note with the tracking number - thank you

10 out of 10

Brillant quality, extremely informative and so many recipes. Glad I bought and would recommend to anyone keen on home made food