How Beth began a raw feeding journey for her dogs

How Beth began a raw feeding journey for her dogs

Beth has recently discovered Healthy Active Pet and the concept of raw feeding.

Here she talks us through her journey, dog food recipes and her feedback - perfect if you are thinking of starting too. 

Raw dog food recipes

How Beth started raw feeding

I can honestly say I’ve had pets all of my life and never really thought about what was in the food that I was giving them. I just assumed it had to be good. 

However, after finding Healthy Active Pet and looking in to raw and fresh food I was excited to give it a go and make sure my pets were getting the best nutrition possible.   

dog food recipes

Snow has always been super fussy when it comes to food so I decided to stick with a single protein recipe to start and made the Single Protein Roo recipe from the Homemade Recipes For SENSITIVE Dogs Book. 

dog food recipes

This one worked well as I tend to have a few of the ingredients, like olive oil and eggs in my pantry and fridge already and was able to get the rest from the local supermarket and health food stores.

dog food recipes

Thanks to the lady at the health food store who suggested I come back the following day, I also managed to save 15% so it just goes to show that sometimes it’s worth talking to staff.

One of the biggest things I have found is just how budget friendly Healthy Active Pet is. 

Even after doubling the recipe to account for the serve size Snow needed I still managed to keep it to about $4.50 per serve. 

This is at least $1 less than what I would normally pay for store bought food and for the minimal effort and prep time it took it is definitely something I will continue to do.  

The best part is…..SNOW loved it and quite happily devoured it as soon as I gave it to her.

And if you want to check out all the recipes, programs and meal plans on offer go here

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