Healthy Pet Plus Program

Healthy Pet Plus Program

At Healthy Active Pet we are passionate about pet health and helping your dog live a long healthy and happy life

healthy pet plus

We have created a community and whole business designed to help pet owners give their dogs the healthiest life through raw dog food, freeze dried dog food, air dried dog food and a holistic approach to pet health

And based on feedback from our customers about the wants and needs you and your dog have we have been busy working on a holistic healthy pet plus health membership which gives you high value but also gives you what you need to help your dog be healthy.

The Healthy Pet Plus program

So what's included in the healthy pet plus program?

Well firstly you can choose to have our pet membership with or without our air and freeze dried food but if you choose to have it with our premium quality food this is what is included

healthy pet plus

Each month you will receive

  • A choice of our air dried or freeze dried complete dog food
  • A choice of our freeze dried dog treats
  • Full access to our recipe members hub with over 70+ recipes, programs and ebooks - with NEW content regularly added
  • Full access to our NEW Vet offering which gives you 24/7 access to a vet via video call or phone call whenever you need it. 
  • Access to our private support group 
  • An additional 5% off any orders you make during the month
  • Free Aussie Post over $50
  • AND a free gift sent each month!

Pretty amazing right!!

Plus as well as all of this you will be saving 40% on the RRP so as well as supercharging your dog's health and wellness, you will also be getting a huge amount of value!

We hope you absolutely LOVE this new offering and you can get this incredible healthy pet plus membership here

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