Are Apples Good For Dogs

Are Apples Good For Dogs

"Are apples good for dogs' is one of the most commonly googled search terms for people with dogs

There are lots of foods that we eat as humans that are not good for dogs (you can see our list of them here) but thankfully apples are not one of these foods that dogs shouldn't eat.

Can dogs have apples

Infact apples can be a fantastic addition to your dogs diet and this is why you will often find them on the Healthy Active Pet meal plans and in our healthy dog recipes

Apples are an excellent source of fibre and Vitamins A and C for dogs.

They are also low in fat, making them a good snack for dogs - especially if you are trying to maintain their weight or if they need to lose some weight.

can dogs have apples

And on that note, if your dog does need to lose weight then watching their snacks is really important as a lot of the foods and snacks you often see in the shops are jammed with carbohydrates and ingredients that are not a dog's best friend at any time - but especially not if they need to lose weight.

You can read more about what is in commercial pet food here.

If your dog does need to lose weight have a look at some tips here

A point to note though is that apples should be offered in small enough segments to prevent choking hazards, especially in small dogs - we like to grate them for inclusion into the Healthy Active Pet recipes.


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