What is Healthy Active Pet about?

What is Healthy Active Pet about?

Welcome to Healthy Active Pet 

My name is Rhian and I am passionate about all things health and wellness - both for humans and pets!

I started Healthy Active Pet as I have always been very conscious about health and wellbeing (in 2010 I founded The Healthy Mummy which is the biggest health and wellness program for mums and families and I spent 12 years focused on creating education, products and programs to help mums and their families be in their best health)

Then in 2022 I got 2 little dogs (Maxie and Frankie) and I started learning about what they needed to be in their best health, what was in the food they were eating as well as learning about the pet market in general. 

I was pretty shocked at what I found out was in most commercial pet food, how the pet food industry in Australia is unregulated and how we are not feeding our dogs what is best for them and their health - and could in fact be damaging them.

I also discovered that overweight pets are a growing trend with nearly 50% of dogs in Australia and the USA being classed as overweight. This made me really sad as if your dog is overweight it can have a major impact on their health and longevity - not to mention all the extra vet bills you will be paying with the health issues that will arise if your pet is overweight.

So I realised that dogs and their owners needed some help to get their health back on track - which is totally understandable as as humans we need help in our health too!

And this is why me and my expert animal nutritionist and specialist team have created a series of 4 week nutrition and exercise challenges to get your pooch back on track - as well as an entire website dedicated to pet health plus freeze dried and air dried pet food.

The 4 week challenges include a weight management program, a healthy living and wellness program for when they are at their goal weight, plus a sensitive dog wellness program which is jammed with recipes for pooches with sensitive tummies. 

Plus we also have a cat 4 week program too if you have cats needing to get back on track with their health.

All the programs revolve around home made food so you can control what your dog is eating and feed them fresh, whole foods - but if you don't want to make home made food every day - or don't want to do meal prep - we have also created a range of air dried complete meals which take the exact whole food ingredients with nothing added and air dried them for your convenience.

All food is ethically sourced and we only use recyclable packaging as we are also conscious about the health of the environment

I hope you love the programs and food and that your dogs are healthier and happier from them.
And please reach out to me and my team at any time on Support@healthyactivepet.com
Rhian and the Healthy Active Pet team xx
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