Incredible adopt a dog and dog rescue story

Incredible adopt a dog and dog rescue story

If you have every thought about how to adopt a dog or wanted to rescue a dog then this story of how Robert rescued 4 days is going to inspire you further.

And we would like to thank Robert for sharing his dog rescue story with us.

Adopt a dog and dog rescue story 

Hi healthy active pet

I would like to share the stories of Tiger, Roxy, Boof and Skye.

Firstly I'll tell you about Tiger's story and how he came to his new furever home.

I am a member of many dog rescue and dog foster groups and I saw his plight in a group called Adopt Foster Rehome, Pets in need Australia.

He was found wandering alone and scared in rural N.S.W. he was only 5 months old when he was found, he was completely emaciated and covered in fleas and was taken to Coonamble pound.

He was booked in to be PTS and only had 48 hours before he was going to be given the green needle.

I said no way will that happen so I said I will adopt him.

He was with Miks foster dogs before coming "home".

When I got him he had a bag of Healthy Active Pet dog food supplied with him, so I honestly believe it was your products that helped him gain a nice, healthy weight.

He has flourished in to the most loving affectionate doggy I could have wished for.

His bestest friend is Delilah, she is getting a bit older now, but since Tigers arrival she has turned back into a playful puppy again and they play all day.

His other doggy friend is Cody, he is selective and only plays with Tiger when he wants to. Tiger now weighs in at a very healthy 19 kg and all that in just a few months. 

Now to tell you the adopt a dog story with Roxy, Boof and Skye.

Roxy, Boof and Skye were at a property in Shoalhaven, N.S.W and were living with an elderly couple.

Due to the current rental crisis in Australia they had to move and couldn't take their furbabies with them.

The previous landlord was going to shoot them if they were not removed from the property.

Again that was not going to happen, not on my watch anyway so I arranged to have them transported to Victoria at my cost.

Because rescue/foster groups were not involved in saving these 3 beautiful dogs I am pretty much on my own with little or no support.

When they first arrived the big white girl, Roxy looked defeated, like she was ready to give up.

But with showing them love and respect and knowing they are now safe she is a totally different dog now.

She has that zest for life again, she has spring in her step now and she shows you just how happy she is now.

Skye, who is the little Shar-Pei x is a ball of fun, energy and enthusiasm.

She has the funniest temperament I've seen in a while and she always smiling making her look like the Cheshire cat.

And then there's Boof. He loves everyone, especially kids. He would quite happily sit there and get pats all day.

I feel enriched knowing that I helped save 4 precious lives. Although the 3 fosters do need vet care I'm doing the best I can with what funds I have available. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my rescue dog stories with you.

And if you are looking to adopt a dog or rescue a dog Robert advises looking at K9 rescue, Monika's pet rescue.  Savourlife have a great link called Adopt-a-dog.

My advice would be to join as many groups as possible and be proactive.

Thank you so much Robert and well done for being such an amazing human and rescuing these gorgeous dogs and giving them a loving home.

And Rob currently has a Go Fund me page to raise money for much needed vet bills for the dogs - if you can afford to donate anything - please donate HERE

And if you are looking for some easy dog food recipes then check out our Healthy Dog Happy Dog book here



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