How Hodge Overcame His Health Issues

How Hodge Overcame His Health Issues

At Healthy Active Pet we love to share stories from pet owners about their dogs or cats health improvements.

We are passionate about the health of pets and we hope every story we share inspires you and your pet

Today, Hayley is sharing her story about her gorgeous dog Hodge.

Hodge's story

Our story begun when I got my Rottweiler at 9 weeks old.

After speaking to a vet and doing some research I found kangaroo mince to be a great option.

Mainly because they aren’t farmed so aren’t pumped full of anything and because it’s so lean.

Hodge has always rad raw kangaroo with cooked brown rice, mixed veg, beef bone broth and a joint supplement meal topper.

Going on two years my boy was diagnosed with OCD in both his back ankles.

They said at his age he should be riddled with osteoarthritis due to his condition however he has no sign of it in his legs!

I put it down to a very active lifestyle full of hikes and walks but also so much love at home plus his home cooked meals!

Goes a long way and I feel like I have proved that and I am pleased to say that Hodge is now loving the Healthy Active Pet products and recipes

One of Hodge's favourite recipes

  • 500g raw kangaroo 
  • 1/2 cup cooked brown rice 
  • 1/4 cooked mixed vegetables 
  • 1 teaspoon of joint topper 
  • 1 teaspoon of Bone Broth Concentrate 

Hayley's 3 tips for at home cooking 

  1. Meal prep! I make 3.5 days worth of Hodges food into 1L containers so I can just grab and go. That way you only need to cook the rice and veggies two times a week. 
  2. Being home made you know what’s in it so your don’t have to wonder what’s going into your dogs stomach. 
  3. I use brown basmati rice as I have found it doesn’t go gluggy when you cook it. Dogs get the same health benefits we get from brown rice. Definitely don’t use white rice. 

Thank you Hayley so much for sharing Hodge's story!

And if you are looking for help with recipes and meal planning check out our programs here


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