What ingredients are in the freeze dried dog food

What ingredients are in the freeze dried dog food

At Healthy Active Pet we have recently launched the freeze dried dog food which is a complete dog food and is getting 5 star reviews - you can see the shop here 

The first flavour in the freeze dried dog food range is the beef, chicken and salmon recipe and it is jammed with nutrition and taste.

freeze dried dog food

What ingredients are in the freeze dried dog food

All our air and freeze dried food is made using human grade meat and organic ingredients. All our food is high in protein and low in carbs - and we have 3 choices for our complete meals;
  • Our turkey and sardine air dried recipe is 67.5% protein
  • Our chicken, lamb and turkey air dried recipe is 71.3% protein
  • Our beef, salmon and chicken freeze dried recipe is 50.7% protein
The air dried food is crunchier and the freeze dried is softer depending on what your dog likes - you can see the shop here is you want to see the full freeze dried dog food range 
freeze dried dog food

Ingredients in the freeze dried dog food

The ingredients (and only ingredients with ZERO additives) include:

Chicken (meat, crushed bone), salmon (meat, crushed bone), beef heart, beef liver, carrot, pumpkin, peas, apple, berries, hemp seed, turmeric, kelp powder and wheatgrass.

  • Salmon is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids for brain health and to fight inflammation, as well as important vitamin D. The healthy fat content of salmon is highly flavoursome and increases palatability for fussy pups.
  • Beef organs are an incredibly nutritious and delicious addition to the recipe, supplying good amounts of vitamin A, copper, iron and zinc.  
  • We add a powerful blend of hemp seeds, turmeric, wheatgrass and kelp for important vitamin E, essential fatty acids and micronutrients like manganese, iodine and magnesium. 

Simply rehydrate this shelf stable food with 2/3 parts water to 1 part freeze-dried food for an instant raw meal that’s just like homemade. 

Our packaged food is formulated to meet the same standards as our raw recipes you will find in our books, which are the industry wide AAFCO standards for the nutritional requirements of dogs

And in this product, the ingredients are freeze dried to lock in all the goodness in a HACCP licensed facility.

You can see the shop here 

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