Tell Me About The 4 Week Cat Weight Management Program

Tell Me About The 4 Week Cat Weight Management Program

The 4-week cat meal plan contains eight recipes – two for rotation each week – which are raw and highly nutrient dense, having been formulated by our pet nutritionist.

They are nutritionally balanced for adult cats, and suitable for weight loss, as well as long-term maintenance feeding once a healthy weight is reached.

Some of the recipes do contain meaty bones, which will be new to a lot of cats. Some cats will take to them naturally, whereas others may seem perplexed. If you can’t entice your cat to gnaw on little bones, you can substitute this portion for the shell of one egg (or about 5g), crushed.

Preparation methods for each recipe is included. 

The two recipes we’ve chosen for each week complement each other by providing different proteins and ingredient composition, for maximum nutritional variety.

If preparing two different recipes each week is too much work, you can feed one per week and double the length of the meal plan.

Just make sure you offer lots of variety through treats and snacks, if you choose to offer them. The treats and snacks listed are just suggestions and you can mix them up to suit your cat’s preferences and your routine. 

Any of these meals can be substituted for our air-dried food on days you haven’t made a fresh meal or to add extra variety to your cat’s diet. 

The full meal plan is in your 4 week challenge PDF book

Preparation tips

The recipes here have been written in one kilo batches to make it easier for you to scale them up or down depending on how far ahead you like to prepare your cat’s food.

It can save time and be a bit less complicated to make at least a kilo at a time, but if you enjoy prepping each day that’s also totally fine. 

Freezing meals in daily serves or individual meal portions that can be taken out and defrosted overnight or a few days at a time will make mealtime a breeze. Try to use reusable containers to reduce waste, or you can rinse and reuse Ziplock bags. 

The exact way you prepare the recipes is up to you, but you will need to cook the vegetables as indicated, as this makes them digestible.

You can either mix everything together or keep the vegetable portion separately and portion it out at mealtime.

Some cats don’t love vegetables, so you may find you have more success if they are mixed through the meat.

Whichever approach you take, we recommend you make sure any powders, seeds and oils are blended through so they are evenly dispersed, which will also help to make sure their flavour isn’t unpalatable.  

Each week of the meal plan features two alternating recipes, so you can offer your cat some variety without too much labour.

But if you find this is too much, it’s ok to feed a recipe for the whole week and then try a different one the following week – just extend the meal plan to eight weeks!

Our website is also full of expert advice to help you become a more informed pet owner about the benefits of good nutrition for your pet.

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