Is Fresh Food & Raw Feeing Best For Your Cat

Is Fresh Food & Raw Feeing Best For Your Cat

If you’ve ever embarked on a plan to eat healthier and lose weight yourself, you’ve no doubt been told you should eat as much fresh, unprocessed food as possible, and avoid things like refined sugars, unhealthy fats, and heavily processed carbs.

You would think this approach would also apply to our animals, but a cursory glance at the weight loss section of your local pet food store reveals even more heavily processed foods that are carbohydrate based and bear no resemblance to anything that could be considered fresh or whole.

Typically, they achieve their lower calorie density with the addition of large amounts of indigestible fibre, which can actually interfere with nutrient absorption, rather than encourage it.
Their refined flour foundation is likely to cause insulin to spike, which may ultimately lead to weight gain.

These foods leave your cat feeling hungrier than ever and poorly nourished, while rarely actually leading to any major weight loss – and certainly not healthy weight loss.
A far superior way to support your cat to reach a healthier weight is to provide them with nutrient dense and highly digestible food that suits their digestive and metabolic needs.

This will not just help them lose weight, but also improve their overall health and wellbeing. Fresh foods contain highly bioavailable nutrients – as opposed to the synthetic nutrients in most pet foods – as well as digestive enzymes, pre and probiotics and antioxidants.

These compounds support the health of the gut, where around 70% of the immune cells live, they fight oxidative stress and inflammation, which can help to ward off disease, and they work with the body, not against it, making your pet more comfortable and energetic.  

Fresh foods also contain a lot of water, which is a critically important factor in your cat’s health.

Cats are desert creatures that are evolutionarily predisposed to obtain their water from food.

Modern day pet food often contains no water at all, leaving our cats in a perpetual state of dehydration, stressing the organs, and leading to a plethora of health issues, particularly around the kidneys and urinary tract.

Water is the most important nutrient any of us consume and a fresh diet will naturally keep your cat hydrated, which will help with their weight loss, but also their overall health and the health of their organs. 

How can Healthy Active Pet help?

The Healthy Active Pet nutrition program and products are designed to give your cat or dog an optimal health, nutrition and recipe program to follow.

Our focus is educating and informing pet owners to make the best decisions for your pet and our approach is a balanced and healthy approach.

Our expert animal nutritionist and experts will seek to educate you on what is best for your animal and there is no judgement - only support.

You will also have the choice to follow one of our 4 week programs depending on the needs of your animal (we have a weight management dog program, a healthy dog program, a weight management program for cats and a sensitive dog nutrition program - and our programs are based around feeding your pet raw or lightly cooked recipes.

We also have a selection of freeze and air dried food which will give your dog optimal nutrition and will give you convenience and cats air dried food is coming in 2023.

Our website is also full of expert advice to help you become a more informed pet owner about the benefits of good nutrition for your pet.

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