7 Ways To Get Your Cat To Exercise

7 Ways To Get Your Cat To Exercise

Encouraging your dog to go for a walk to get active is usually very easy.

But when it comes to cats, many people don’t realise how valuable exercise is to cats and their health.

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Although a cat won’t be into exercise as much as a dog will, here are a few ways to get your cat moving

  1. Get two cats. A pair of cats who get along well will get plenty of exercise through their chasing games and playing.
  2. Try a cat tower. The multi-tiered “cat towers” sold online and in pet stores are another good way to ensure that your cat will have plenty of places to play and areas to climb for a good workout. 
  3. Keep plenty of toys around. Use everyday household objects as toys to encourage cats to exercise. Think pingpong balls or balled-up pipe cleaners.
  4. Create a hockey rink. To make things even more fun, try putting a ball in a large cardboard box or the bathtub to create an instant “hockey rink” for your cat. As the ball goes flying off the walls (and the cat chases it), your cat will get some much-needed exercise.
  5. Have fun with lasers. Laser toys are often good entertainment, but follow it up with a real toy the cat can catch to avoid fixation and frustration over never being able to catch the light beam.
  6. Give your cat a wand.  Get a flexible wand-style toys with a feather, mouse, or other diversion on the far end. You can make it more challenging by running the toy up and over the sofa or up and down stairs to increase the exercise intensity.
  7. Create an agility course. If your cat is extremely energetic and agile, try some cat agility exercises. These programs include a number of obstacles, such as bars to jump over or tunnels to pass through, which push your cat both physically and mentally
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