The solution to a raw food diet for dogs this owner discovered

The solution to a raw food diet for dogs this owner discovered

At Healthy Active Pet we are extremely focused on dog nutrition and dog health and we believe that a raw food diet for dogs is a key part of this

And today Anna is sharing her food diet for dogs journey with us - thank you Anna!

Anna's raw food diet for dogs story

We are a labrador and standard poodle family and have explored a number of
raw food diet for dogs feeding options over the years with the main food being pet shop kibble dog food.   

At one stage I attempted to feed a raw diet but found it too confusing and worried I wasn't giving my dogs their whole nutritional requirements, so that didn't last long, but I never lost the desire to feed them fresh and enjoyed giving them fresh kibble toppers. 

Devasted by the recent passing of my old labrador I looked into the benefits of fresh eating and a raw food diet for dogs again and learned it can increase a dog's life by 20%.   

This is when I came across Healthy Active Pet and pledged to my remaining labrador and new poodle pups that I would feed them as best as I could. 

I tried some of the recipes on the website and purchased some freeze dried dog food treats and essential powders. 

The salmon belly treats were a great success and were used as a 'high end reward' when training the pups.

My next purchase was Healthy Dog, Happy Dog recipe book.  I watched with anticipation for the launch and went straight to Big W to buy a copy. 

Armed with this recipe book and the pack of 3 essential powders, I started making my own meals following the easy recipes. 

This book is what I had been waiting for, it took the worry about of feeding fresh and I gradually became confident in creating my dogs' own meals using the knowledge I had gained from Healthy Dog, Happy Dog. 

I have also begun making my own treats, for example, dehydrated turkey breast dipped in the wheatgrass or kelp powder.  The dogs LOVE it. 

I got this idea from the Freeze Dried Turkey Treats which my dogs absolutely go nuts over - another 'high end reward' for good puppas. 

Working full-time I don't always get to prepare meals, so I have any of the freeze-dried raw food (the Salmon, Beef & Chicken is a favourite) for those occasions and I also use it with enrichment toys and lick mats. 

George, Charlie, Lola and I all want to thank Health Active Pet for giving us the tools to support our healthy lives.

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