The raw food diet for dogs with freeze dried dog food

The raw food diet for dogs with freeze dried dog food

My name is Rhian, and I am the Founder of the business - and a complete and utter dog nut! 

raw food diet for dogs

I started the business as I am passionate about shining a spotlight on the health of our pets and I wanted to help provide a platform so dog owners can make informed decisions about what to feed their dogs

Unfortunately kibble and commercial dog food dominates the pet food industry and has done for decades.

Kibble is cheap, convenient and long lasting. Tick, tick, tick right!?

All true but it is also highly processed, high in carbs, high in fillers, high in artificial ingredients, low in protein and not a species appropriate diet.

So not a great option for our dogs from a health perspective.

The most important point to note is that good nutrition is as important for our dogs as it is for us. If we feed our dogs a nutritious diet and keep them in good health they will have less health complications, be at a healthy body weight, less vet visits

raw dog food diet
And since we have launched the business we have focused all our focus on helping to educate dog owners and as well as creating recipes, support, freeze dried raw dog food and dog treats - we also have published a book Healthy Dog Happy Dog that is on sale in all book stores plus David Jones and Big W - it is also available online here.

raw food diet for dogs

The raw food diet for dogs with freeze dried dog food

So what's the solution to feed your dog a nutritious and healthy diet?

Our focus is on arming you with the knowledge to give your dog the best nutrition possible.

We are not the biggest fans of kibble as kibble is a highly processed food and you can read more about kibble and commercial dog food here 

Our belief is the best way to do this is through feeding your dog a raw dog food or fresh dog food diet.

Our focus is on support, information and education and there is no judgement on your decisions - we just want to give you the information so you can make the best feeding choice for you and your dog and your situation.

You can also join our private support group here.

How to start on a raw dog feeding diet

Raw dog food recipes

If you are ready to start feeding raw or are looking for raw dog food recipes please see below as we have over 70 pet nutritionist created raw dog food recipes and programs that all meet AAFCO standards. You can see the full raw dog food recipe range here

  • If you have a puppy and want to raw feed then click here
  • If you have a dog who needs to lose weight and want to raw feed then click here
  • If you have a dog who has allergies or is sensitive to foods and want to raw feed then click here
  • If you have a dog who doesn't have any issues and want to raw feed then click here
  • If you are looking for budget friendly raw feeding recipes click here

Freeze dried and air dried raw dog food

If you want to feed raw but with the convenience of air or freeze dried food then go here to see our selection of freeze dried complete food and treats.

You can also learn about the air dried and freeze dried dog food process here.

Combine raw feeding and freeze/air dried feeding

If you are interested in mixing and matching a raw feeding diet with a freeze/air dried diet then you can combine them both in our pet health membership which also includes additional benefits such as vet access 24/7, additional discounts and products each month.

Ready made raw dog food

If you want to feed your dog a raw dog food diet but don't want to have to prepare it yourself or feed hybrid or feed air or freeze dried then there are some great options out there pre-prepared fresh food and there are many brands that you can google to find one in your local area. Hot tip - look for all natural wholefood ingredients without synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Shop our  freeze dried complete food here

freeze dried dog food

Do vets support raw feeding?

If you are new to raw feeding your dog then you will probably find that some vets are not fans of raw feeding.

The main reason for this is complex and mainly related to the fact that they don't receive a huge amount of information on raw feeding at university.

It is also related to the fact that there is much mis-information about raw feeding and vets are concerned that people may feed a raw diet but that it will just a piece of steak or raw mince and this would be a huge issue as this wouldn't be a balanced meal for the dog and this is an issue for vets - as it should be.

It is for this reason why it is extremely important to only feed recipes created by pet nutritionists and that meet AAFCO standards.

You will also find lots of vets who DO support raw feeding - it is just that currently quite a few don't support it.

And you can see how Healthy Active Pet works here 

You can also see our page of frequently asked questions here 

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