See the reviews on Healthy Active Pet Dog Food Recipes & Meal Plans

See the reviews on Healthy Active Pet Dog Food Recipes & Meal Plans

At Healthy Active Pet we are passionate about helping pets be in their best health possible

And as well as our raw dog food products - we also have a a large selection of raw dog food recipes, meal plans and programs.

And you can see the whole selection here 

Read the reviews below

 Beth says, "The book is jam packed full of all the information and tips needed and so many amazing dog food recipes. I've been able to go from knowing nothing about raw and fresh feeding with it being a completely new concept to now being able to make healthy, nutritious, budget friendly food for my dog.

The best part is my super fussy German Shepherd loves it"

Dog food recipes


Hayley says, "Hodge absolutely loves his recipes from Healthy Active Pet! He’s been on this meal plan for a month now and is absolutely loving the variety. I seriously never knew he would eat the foods he’s eating!

He never use to lick his bowl clean but now he’s demolishing it and asking for more 🤣"

Lesley says,Fabulous book. Simple language used and easy to understand nutrition information. A complete package for anyone wanting to feed fresh/raw and my dog loves the recipes"

dog food recipes

Verushka says, "The Sensitive Dog Program is chockful of advice around the possibile sensitivities your doggo could be experiencing, and how to deal with them, including guidance on an eimination diet.

I like the variety of of recipies and found they helped even when my dog had experienced an upset tummy and was just getting back to normal"

dog food recipes


Christine says, "So much helpful information, easy to follow recipes and most importantly ... my little terrier mix is a big fan of his new home-cooked meals too and I can be assured that he receives the best possible nutrition. Definetely 5 stars from us!!!"
To see the full selection of dog food recipe books check them out here


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