Raw dog food recipe - turkey and lamb

Raw dog food recipe - turkey and lamb

At Healthy Active Pet we have made it our mission to educate pet owners on the health and nutrition benefits of a fresh food dog food diet

And if you are looking for healthy fresh dog food recipes that you can make at home then Healthy Active Pet is the place to be.

Our pet nutritionist has created a huge amount of nutritious recipes and you can get full access to all of them here

We believe that feeding your dog an UNPROCESSED diet of fresh food is the best for their health and longevity and we have HEAPS of recipe books to ensure that if you do choose to feed fresh that you feed them a balanced meal that meets AAFCO standards.

Also although lots of our recipes are raw we totally get that some dogs don't like raw or can't have raw and that some owners prefer to lightly cook the food too.

So here is a nutritious and delicious turkey and lamb recipe JAMMED with nutrition

Dog food recipe

Turkey is a deeply nutritious protein, perfect for dogs sensitive to chicken and rich in the amino acid tryptophan, known for its mood enhancing benefits.

Oysters are one of the richest food sources of zinc on the planet and blueberries have been shown in numerous studies to offer genuine preventative health benefits.



• 210gm turkey mince
• 250gm turkey neck
• 200gm lamb heart, diced
• 75gm lamb liver, diced
• 80gm oysters, tinned
• 100gm carrot, chopped
• 50gm blueberries, frozen
• 25gm spinach, diced or steamed
• 6gm wheatgerm oil
• 2gm ginger, ground
• 1gm cod liver oil
• 1gm kelp powder


•. Steam the carrot until tender

• Chop the turkey necks to a suitable size

• Combine the vegetables with oils and powder in a bowl and mix until well combined

• Portion out meat, vegetable mix and necks into daily serves and freeze or store in the fridge for a few day

 Nutritional information

  • KCAL/KG 1119
  • PROTEIN 13 .9%
  • FAT 
  • 6 .7% 
  • ASH 1 .7%
  • MOISTURE 75 .4%
  • FIBRE 0 .6% 
  • CARBS 1.8%

Plus you can see this recipe in our Ultimate Raw & Homemade recipe book here

And we have HEAPS of raw dog food recipe books to to help you and below is a dog food recipe from one of them. We hope you love it.

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