Raw Dog Food Recipe - Roo & Beef

Raw Dog Food Recipe - Roo & Beef

Our mission to educate pet owners on the health and nutrition benefits of a fresh food dog food diet

And we have HEAPS of fresh dog food recipes that you can make at home 

Our pet nutritionist has created a huge amount of nutritious recipes and you can get full access to all of them here

We believe that feeding your dog an UNPROCESSED diet of fresh food is the best for their health and longevity and we have HEAPS of recipe books to ensure that if you do choose to feed fresh that you feed them a balanced meal that meets AAFCO standards.

You can also see more on raw dog food here

Also although lots of our recipes are raw we totally get that some dogs don't like raw or can't have raw and that some owners prefer to lightly cook the food too.

So here is a nutritious and delicious raw dog food recipe using beef and roo as the main protein that is JAMMED with nutrition.

Roo & Beef Raw Food Recipe

Kangaroo is an incredibly nutritious meat for dogs, rich in protein and very low in fat, it contains anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, which are also abundant in mackerel.

Sunflower oil and pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin E and zinc for skin health and wound healing, while nutritional yeast adds a boost of B vitamins for brain health.



• 600gm kangaroo, mince or chunks
• 100gm grated carrot
• 50gm grated apple
• 50gm beef liver, diced
• 100gm mackerel, tinned coffee grinder or in a mortar
• 55gm peas, frozen
• 25gm spinach, diced or frozen
• 6gm eggshell/calcium
• 5gm pumpkin seeds
• 5gm sunflower oil
• 1gm nutrition
• 1gm kelp powder


  • Steam the peas until tender
  • Grind the pumpkin seeds in a coffee grinder or in a mortal and pestle
  • If cooking the meat, broil kangaroo and beef liver with a little water until just cooked
  • Drain the mackerel and break it up with a fork in a large bowl
  • Add all of the ingredients to the bowl and mix to combine
  • Portion and freeze or store in the fridge for a few days

Plus you can see this recipe in our Ultimate Raw & Homemade recipe book here

And we have HEAPS of raw dog food recipe books to to help you and below is a dog food recipe from one of them. We hope you love it.

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