Is your dog a raw dog?

Is your dog a raw dog?

Is your dog a raw dog? What we mean by this is do you feed raw dog food recipes to your dog?

If yes, then your dog is definitely a raw dog.

And if you do feed your dog raw food you would be well aware of the huge amount of health benefits that a raw food diet gives to a dog

And if you are looking for more raw dog food recipes then we have our huge range of pet nutritionist creates raw feeding dog food recipes here

What's the health benefits of a raw dog food diet?

1. Improved digestion

Raw dog feeding means your dog will take extra time to chew and consume food. When dogs take more time to process the food with their mouth, their bodies have time to release gastric juices.

This enables food to be better digested when it reaches the stomach. This can lead to better digestion and nutrient absorption, reducing the risk of digestive problems.

2. Increased energy levels

One of the big benefits of raw feeding for dogs is that when your pup feels good, it'll have more energy!

Switching to a high-quality raw pet food diet will mean your dog consumes fillers you find in most commercial kibble giving them more energy. After switching your dog to raw, you'll likely notice a new pep in their step.

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3. Healthier skin and coat

Another one of the reasons to feed your dog a balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals that comes with a raw food diet is healthier skin and coat.

Feeding your dog raw food will give them plenty of essential fatty acids. This will give your pup that shiny coat and healthy skin that'll make them ready to shine! Read here how Hugo got a SUPER shiny coat

4. Reduced allergies

Many dog owners are finding that their precious pups are developing more and more allergies.

These allergies can be painful and uncomfortable for your pup and costly for you, so preventing or reducing them is a win-win. Whether it's food allergies or allergies to grass or dust, switching to raw will help. 

5. Improved dental health

Dental health is a big part of maintaining your dog's overall health as they grow from puppy to adult dogs.

Many pet owners find one of the significant health benefits of raw feeding is the benefit to their dog's dental health. Especially if you're including raw meaty bones, you'll save money on paying for dental cleanings for your pup.

6. Better weight management 

Ensuring your dog eats a biologically appropriate raw food diet is one of the best ways to help manage your pet's weight.

Avoiding the fillers, carbs and fats in commercial pet food will reduce the risk of obesity and other weight-related issues. Read Hodge's raw feeding story here 

7. Longer lifespan

Among the many health benefits that come with feeding your dog a barf diet or raw food diet is prolonging their life.

Raw food helps your pup to be healthy enough to live longer. Now who doesn't want more time with their pup?

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8. Tailored to Your Dog's Needs 

With homemade dog food, you can tailor the recipe to meet your pup's dietary restrictions, allergies, or sensitivities.

Feeding your pet a diet that is not only tailored to their specific needs but also food your dog will love is easier when you know exactly what goes into it.

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So why not give raw feeding recipes a try? Your dog will thank you for it!

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