Jayce's Raw Dog Food Diet Journey

Jayce's Raw Dog Food Diet Journey

Meet Jayce!

Jayce is a gorgeous greyhound that has been using Healthy Active Pet dog food and raw dog food recipes over the last few months.

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Jayce and his mum (Nat) are also big fans of a raw dog food diet - which is also commonly referred to as a BARF dog food diet.

Raw dog food  

And today, Nat and Jayce are talking about their raw dog food diet

Jaye's Raw Dog Food Diet

We first got Jayce as a foster and on advice from his rescue group tried to feed him pet mince from our local butcher and kibble…he didn’t eat for three days!

At that point I decided something had to change which sparked my own journey into the world of canine nutrition.

Growing up, we cooked my dog’s food so I was always open to and leant towards providing a diet of fresh food over kibble from the simple reasoning that fresh food is best.

Our biggest struggle was working through Jayce’s fussiness and aversion to new food - I’ve pretty much had to hand feed him every new or different food, even different cuts of meat! 

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These days Jayce happily eats a fairly varied diet and I’ve also become much better at predicting his likes and dislikes (most seafood seems to be a firm no unless it’s freeze dried or cooked for example, organs can’t be raw and must be frozen etc). 

My two main tips for people getting into fresh/ raw food are:

  • While you’re still learning about how to properly balance food yourself, feed pre-made food. Depending on what you’re buying, this may be more expensive but it’s not worth risking your dog’s ongoing health from eating unbalanced food

  • Use resources like the Healthy Active Pet recipe book to get pet nutritionist recipes and learn how to balance food by yourself and get recipe inspiration

You can also use Healthy Active Pet freeze dried and air dried food which is raw food (all AAFCO standards) and has all the goodness of a raw dog food diet

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