Important message about your dog food

Important message about your dog food

Something that is really important to be aware of is that good nutrition is as important to our pets as it is to humans and the dog food we feed them is a big part of that.


We are what we eat and if we don’t eat well it can lead to weight gain and long term health issues - and it is the same for our dogs with regard to the dog food we feed them.


But the pet food industry is dominated by many dog food manufacturers who don’t create and sell pet food that is healthy or nutritionally dense.


Frustratingly, as consumers we would presume that if the dog food is on the shelf and made by the big name brands that it would be a great choice for our pets.


Unfortunately this is just not the case and this is where we all need to educate and empower our decisions so that we choose the best option for our animals. 


In order for thriving health to occur, all living things must consume the foods they were designed to eat.


This is known as species-appropriate nutrition.


Certain species will die if not fed appropriately.


Dogs and cats, like humans, are more resilient and can eat a number of things their bodies were not designed to eat.


However, their health and vitality suffers. 


We hope our Healthy Active Pet books,  raw dog food recipes and information not only educate you on the type of food your animal needs but also will empower you to make informed decisions about the type of food your dog  consumes.


Plus, of course - your pet will be healthier and happier because of it.


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Thank you for reading

Rhian (Founder of Healthy Active Pet) 

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