Hypoallergenic raw freeze dried dog food that pet owners are raving about

Hypoallergenic raw freeze dried dog food that pet owners are raving about

Discover what Australian pet owners are excited about - hypoallergenic raw freeze-dried dog food. It's a new favourite for those wanting a natural, healthy diet for their pets.

More dogs today have food intolerances and allergies, but a solution is out there. Hypoallergenic dog food has been specially designed for this. It helps dogs feel better and stay healthy.

Healthy Active Pet's Turkey and Salmon Freeze-Dried Dog Food is a standout product. It's made without common allergens like chicken. The special freeze-drying process keeps all the nutrients. So, it's very good for your dog.

The brand focuses on using top-quality ingredients. It contains raw turkey, fresh salmon, and beef organs. These are great for a dog's health. The food is high in protein and good fats, which dogs need a lot of.

This dog food is not just good for dogs; it's easy for owners too. The way it's made means it's simple to prepare. It keeps all its good stuff through freeze-drying. Pet owners get serving tips to ensure their dogs eat just the right amount.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Hypoallergenic raw freeze-dried dog food is a popular choice among Australian pet owners.
  • Healthy Active Pet's Turkey and Salmon Freeze-Dried Dog Food offers a hypoallergenic alternative that avoids common allergens.
  • The freeze-drying process preserves essential nutrients and enzymes, making it a highly nutritious option for dogs.
  • This dog food is packed with quality ingredients like raw turkey, fresh salmon, and beef organs to provide optimal nutrition.
  • Protein for muscle growth and healthy fats for energy are essential components of a dog's diet, and this food delivers both.
  • Healthy Active Pet's freeze-dried dog food is convenient and easy to prepare, making it a hassle-free option for pet owners.

The Importance of Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Allergies and food intolerances can be tough for dogs, causing discomfort and health problems. So, it's vital to pick the right food for them. Hypoallergenic dog food is crucial for pet owners. It meets their dogs' special dietary needs and helps lessen allergic reactions.

Special hypoallergenic dog food is made with ingredients less likely to cause bad reactions. It leaves out common allergens, like wheat and beef. This helps lower the chances of stomach upsets, itchy skin, and other allergy signs.

For a dog to be hypoallergenic, it must not react poorly to certain foods. It's key to feed them foods that are safe and don't cause allergies. These foods give them what they need without the bad reactions.

Even dogs without known allergies benefit from hypoallergenic diets. This food can prevent allergies and keep their skin, coat, and tummy healthy. It's good for all dogs, not just the ones with allergies.

Dr. Lisa Walker, a veterinary nutritionist, points out the importance of hypoallergenic dog food. She says, "For dogs with food intolerances or allergies, hypoallergenic dog food is like a breath of fresh air. It gives them a diet that's nutritious and safe, avoiding discomfort and allergic reactions."

Healthy Active Pet's Turkey and Salmon Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Looking for the best freeze dried dog food for pets that are sensitive to certain foods? Healthy Active Pet's turkey and salmon formula is a great pick. It's a hypoallergenic choice and doesn't include chicken, which is often a common allergy for some dogs. This makes it perfect for those with food sensitivities.

This freeze-dried dog food by Healthy Active Pet uses top-notch ingredients. These ingredients are picked from trusted places. The mix of turkey and salmon delivers what dogs need. It has protein, good fats, and other important stuff. This helps dogs grow strong and keeps them energized.

This food isn't just good for your dog. It's easy for you too. The freeze-drying process keeps the food tasty and healthy. Plus, it doesn't need to be kept cold, so you can take it anywhere. It's a great fit for busy pet owners and those who enjoy trips with their pooch.

Key Features:

  • Hypoallergenic formula avoiding common allergens like chicken
  • High-quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers
  • Provides essential nutrients for optimal health and well-being
  • Promotes muscle growth and energy with balanced protein and healthy fats
  • Convenient freeze-dried format that requires no refrigeration

Choose Healthy Active Pet's turkey and salmon freeze-dried food for your dog. It offers great nutrition, taste, and fits various diets. Your dog will enjoy the delicious meal. Plus, it will boost their health and energy!

The Nutritional Value of Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

Freeze-dried raw dog food is a top choice for giving your dog the best nutrition. This method keeps all the good stuff locked in. That way, your dog gets every vital nutrient and enzyme.

The freeze-drying process involves removing moisture from the food at a low temperature, which maintains the integrity of the ingredients. This gentle preservation method helps retain vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that are often lost in traditional cooking or processing methods.

Unlike regular dog food, freeze-dried raw types keep the good things in. They do this without using high heat or cooking for a long time. So, your dog gets lots of nutrients from the food's natural state.

Also, freeze-dried food often has ingredients that are good for dogs with allergies. This special diet can make their digestion better. It also keeps their skin, fur, and general health in top shape.

But, the good things about freeze-dried food don’t stop there. Its ingredients come from trusted farms and suppliers. This ensures your dog gets the best quality proteins, fruits, and veggies.

Choosing freeze-dried food can really improve your dog's health. They'll love the taste and get all the nutrients they need. It's a great way to take care of your furry friend.

A Closer Look at the Ingredients

Healthy Active Pet's freeze-dried dog food is great for dogs that need a special diet. It has turkey and salmon, which are full of good things for your dog. Let's see why these ingredients are a smart choice for your pet’s health.

The ingredients (and only ingredients with ZERO additives) include:

Turkey (meat, crushed bone), salmon (meat, crushed bone), beef heart, beef liver, carrot, pumpkin, peas, apple, berries, hemp seed, turmeric, kelp powder and wheatgrass.

Raw Turkey

Turkey is a lean protein, perfect for building and repairing muscles. It's packed with vitamins B6, B12 for energy, and a healthy brain. The turkey in this dog food is high-quality and unlikely to cause allergies.

Fresh Salmon

Salmon tastes great and is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These are super good for the heart, make the coat shiny, and help the brain grow. Healthy Active Pet uses fresh salmon to give your dog these amazing benefits.

Beef Organs

Beef organs like liver and kidney are full of essential vitamins and minerals. Liver gives a lot of iron and vitamins, while kidney has zinc and selenium. Adding beef organs to the food boosts its nutrients.

Healthy Active Pet carefully combines these ingredients for a balanced diet. This is perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. They get all they need for good health.

Nutrient Turkey Salmon Beef Organs
Omega-3 Fatty Acids - -
Iron - -
Vitamin A - -
Vitamin B6 - -
Vitamin B12 - -

Protein for Muscle Growth and Healthy Fats for Energy

Protein and healthy fats are key for a dog's health. Especially for active dogs, these elements support muscle and energy. Healthy Active Pet's turkey and salmon formula is a great choice for them. It offers all the needed nutrients.

The Importance of Protein for Muscle Growth

Protein is vital for building and fixing muscles. It is essential for active dogs. Healthy Active Pet uses top-quality turkey and salmon in their food. It ensures your dog gets the protein they need. This helps in muscle growth and keeping your dog active and fit.

Healthy Fats for Energy and Vitality

Healthy fats are needed for a dog's balanced diet. They give lots of energy and help with important body functions. Healthy Active Pet uses salmon for these benefits. Their food keeps your furry friend energized and active all day.

Using Healthy Active Pet's food means your dog gets enough protein and healthy fats. This diet is packed with all your dog needs for a good life. It helps them stay happy and full of energy.

How to use the freeze dried dog food

Whether you are using as a complete meal, a topper or hybrid feeding - every mouthful of our high quality freeze dried dog food will be fuelling their body with the best nutrition possible

How to use our freeze dried complete meals;

👉Use it as a complete meal (serve with warm water or serve dry)

👉Use it as a topper to boost the nutrition of your existing food

👉Hybrid feed with your existing food to boost your dogs nutrition

👉Use it to enhance enrichment mats and toys

This Healthy Active Pet recipe features hypoallergenic turkey, which includes crushed bone to meet your dog’s calcium and phosphorus requirements and ensure they have healthy bones, teeth and nails.  

Salmon is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids for brain health and to fight inflammation, as well as important vitamin D. The healthy fat content of salmon is highly flavoursome and increases palatability for fussy pups.

Beef organs are an incredibly nutritious and delicious addition to the recipe, supplying good amounts of vitamin A, copper, iron and zinc.  

We add a powerful blend of hemp seeds, turmeric, wheatgrass and kelp for important vitamin E, essential fatty acids and micronutrients like manganese, iodine and magnesium.

The 900g bag is the equivalent to 3.6kg of raw food which was freeze dried to 900g of dried dog food

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This Healthy Active Pet recipe features everyone’s favourite minced turkey including bone to meet your dog’s calcium and phosphorus requirements and ensure they have healthy bones, teeth and nails.  

  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • 100% Human Grade Organic Whole Foods
  • 100% Australian human grade meat
  • Australian Made + Sourced
  • Nothing artificial. No glycerine, sugars or coatings
  • No grains and low carb
  • Pet nutritionist created & approved
  • 0% preservatives and 0% grain
  • Designed to help your dog be healthy and live a long life
  • Contain digestive enzymes and prebiotic fibre from carefully selected fruits and vegetables, which support your pet’s gut microbiome for ultimate digestive health and wellbeing


Healthy Active Pet's dog food fits perfectly into a busy life. Its light and small package is great for storing and taking on trips. It's perfect for any adventure with your dog.

This food turns any meal into a quick and easy task. You don't need to handle raw meat or spend a lot of time preparing. You can have more fun with your dog and less work in the kitchen.

"I love how convenient and easy it is to feed my dog Healthy Active Pet's freeze-dried dog food. I can take it with me wherever we go, and the serving suggestions are so simple to follow. It's truly a game-changer!" - Emma, dog owner

Give your dog Healthy Active Pet's freeze-dried food for a worry-free meal. It's tasty and packed with all the nutrition they need. You and your dog will love how simple it is.

Customer Testimonials: What Pet Owners Are Saying

Ready to hear from happy pet owners? They're talking about Healthy Active Pet's turkey and salmon freeze-dried dog food. Pets adore the hypoallergenic and freeze-dried meals for the boost they give to health and happiness.

Julie says, "It's so convenient! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’ve been using this for about a month now and my dogs love it and I love it. I use it in rotation with raw food and it’s nice to have a nutritious meal on hand without having to worry about a fridge. It’s also convenient to pop into a Kong after soaking it with some water. Highly recommend!!"

Hayley says, "It's amazing quality ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hodge loves this recipe. I also love feeding him salmon as it helps keep his coat nice and shiny. I use these as a meal topper alongside Hodges raw meals he gets as it helps me know he’s getting all the nutrients he needs"


Linda says, "I am really impressed ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My dog can't have chicken so I was happy to try. I like that I can feed as a complete meal or as a topper. I do a lot of enrichment with my border collie and this product is great for mixing in with yoghurt and peanut butter. I will be definitley be buying in the future"

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Where to Purchase Healthy Active Pet's Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Looking for top-notch freeze-dried dog food for your pets? Shop the dog food here 


In conclusion, hypoallergenic dog food is a great choice for pet owners in Australia. Opting for freeze-dried types, like Healthy Active Pet's turkey and salmon, means your dog gets a healthy, allergen-free meal.

This method keeps the important nutrients and enzymes intact. These elements are vital for dogs' health and overall well-being. Healthy Active Pet's food pack includes raw turkey, fresh salmon, and beef organs. These are great for protein, helping with muscle and energy.

Hypoallergenic freeze-dried dog food isn't just for dogs with special food needs. It also makes life easier for owners. It's quick to prepare and lasts a long time, which is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule.

Thinking of your dog's best interest? Switching to hypoallergenic freeze-dried is a smart move. Your dog deserves to be healthy and happy, after all.

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What is hypoallergenic dog food?

Hypoallergenic dog food is specially designed to reduce allergic reactions in dogs. It's made with ingredients that are less likely to cause allergies or intolerances.

Why should I consider feeding my dog hypoallergenic dog food?

If your dog struggles with food allergies or intolerances, hypoallergenic food can help. It eases symptoms like skin issues, tummy upsets, and itching.

How do I know if my dog needs a hypoallergenic diet?

Does your dog always seem itchy, have tummy troubles, or skin problems? This could mean they need a special diet. Talk to a vet to check if hypoallergenic food is right for your pup.

What is freeze-dried dog food?

It’s dog food that’s freeze-dried to keep it shelf-stable and rich in nutrients. The process locks in natural taste and goodness.

What are the benefits of feeding freeze-dried dog food?

Freeze-dried food is easy to store and doesn't need a fridge. It tastes great to dogs because it keeps the natural flavors. Plus, it's light to carry for adventures.

Is freeze-dried dog food suitable for dogs with food allergies?

Yes, it can work well for dogs with allergies since it often has few ingredients. But, check its ingredients and talk to a vet to be safe.

Can I feed freeze-dried dog food as a complete diet for my dog?

You can use it as your dog’s main food. Just make sure it's balanced for all their nutritional needs. Some brands are made to be a full meal, while others might need supplements - P.S Healthy Active Pet food is fully balanced.

Where can I purchase Healthy Active Pet's turkey and salmon freeze-dried dog food?

You can find it online here

What are the main ingredients in Healthy Active Pet's turkey and salmon freeze-dried dog food?

The ingredients (and only ingredients with ZERO additives) include:

Turkey (meat, crushed bone), salmon (meat, crushed bone), beef heart, beef liver, carrot, pumpkin, peas, apple, berries, hemp seed, turmeric, kelp powder and wheatgrass.

Are there different flavor options available for Healthy Active Pet's freeze-dried dog food?

Yes, Healthy Active Pet have other flavours - See the full shop here

Can I mix freeze-dried dog food with other types of dog food?

Mixing it into your dog’s food is totally fine. It’s a great addition to kibble or can be a meal on its own. Just watch the balance of your dog’s diet.

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