How Tobi Beat His Itchy Skin Condition

How Tobi Beat His Itchy Skin Condition

Just a quick update on Tobi since starting him on his raw food diet from Healthy Active Pet

Raw feeding diet

A few months back I changed up Tobi's kibble to a brand that was apparently "better" and cheaper.

Not long after, I noticed he started scratching a lot, like uncontrollably scratching and nawing at his paws.

Initially, I thought it was a reaction to the beach as we had been taking him a lot over summer, but then we stopped going, and yet his scratching and nawing was getting worse.

I finally realised it was the kibble that was doing this to him, so I looked into ways to remedy it, and everything pointed straight to raw homemade feeding.

raw dog food diet

That's when I found Healthy Active Pet, and that day put him on a raw food diet using one of their recipes (you can see Healthy Active Pet recipes books here)

It's been around 4 weeks now and Tobi has welcomed the change in food. He absolutely loves it. He knows when I'm preparing his food and sits by my side, tail wagging excited to eat. He never did this with store bought food.

raw dog food diet

Tobi loves the Healthy Active Pet air dried food as well and especially loves it when I use it as a topper to his raw food 😋

Also, with the slow feeding bowl, he is enjoying eating his meals slower. You can actually notice him loving every bite, and he makes sure to lick the bowl clean every time!

dog food recipes

He has completely stopped nawing at his paws since being on the Healthy Active Pet recipes, and he is scratching a lot less. His skin is still a little red, but is definitely getting better.

Thank you Healthy Active Pet, Tobi is a much happier dog and so much healthier thanks to following your recipe guide!

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