Dog owner shares why she switched to a raw food diet for dogs plus uses freeze dried dog food

Dog owner shares why she switched to a raw food diet for dogs plus uses freeze dried dog food

At Healthy Active Pet, we are passionate about the health of dogs and about spreading information so dog owners can be informed about what the best dog food is to feed their dog.

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Good dog food and good nutrition is as important to our dogs as it is to human and today dog owner, Hope, shares why she changed to a raw food diet for dogs and gives her feedback on the Healthy Active Pet freeze dried dog food.

"Before I owned small dogs I use to have American staffies x bandogs and mastiffs.

They would usually have kibble as dog food and left over dinner from the family and massive bones usually weekly, I never really did much digging about dog nutrition until I eventually got myself a small puppy and started my research on what was the best dog food to feed her.

cavoodles and a raw dog food diet

I started off using expensive or well know dog food brands of kibble and dog food roll from petbarn but as time went on I learnt more and more about the benefits of feeding a raw food diet for dogs.

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My first  girl was a very picky eater so I would try everything to encourage her because raw dog food wasn't her first choice.

I eventually got more cavoodles and poodles and I would start them off slowly, introducing new foods every few days.

cavoodles and raw food diet

My dogs get bored of the same thing so I try something different regularly.

I always use yoghurt and pumpkin to help with gut health when introducing new foods also.

dog food raw recipes

I love to add herbs, psyllium husk, organic honey, decaf green tea, kefir, hemp oil and other toppers into their meals.

I honestly love animals so much and nutrition for dogs is something I enjoy searching and gaining as much knowledge as I can.

I have even got my sister in laws dogs onto a raw dog food diet and they also love it.

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I truly believe my dogs eat better than I do. I am so grateful for companies like healthy active pet who can provide our fur babies and owners with the best and healthiest raw dog food and recipes and it is so good that as well as the raw dog food recipes that they also have the freeze dried dog food.

freeze dried dog food and cavoodles

We also have tried the freeze dried dog food and I am very happy to say that the Healthy Active Pet freeze dried food was a hit!

All 5 doggos loved it as a treat and also as an ingredient in their main dish"

freeze dried dog food

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