How much exercise should my dog have

How much exercise should my dog have

Providing a nutritious diet that supports your dog’s weight loss goals is a hugely important step towards ensuring their health and longevity, but we can’t forget about exercise.(you can check out our pet nutritional recipes and meal plans here)

Just like for us, any endeavour to slim down will be more successful if it is paired with regular movement .

If your dog has become very sedentary, start gradually and work up to longer periods of activity . If they are capable, your dog should get at least 20 minutes of regular daily exercise in the form of a brisk walk or play at the dog park or beach.

Ideally, they will be active for an hour a day if this is appropriate for them, which may be split into multiple outings if this works better for you (or them) .

For dogs, physical activity doesn’t just provide physical benefits, but also offers enormous mental benefits.

Exercise doesn’t have to be intense either; interactive tasks like training, play, sniffing, chewing and problem solving all work out the body and the mind, resulting in positive outcomes for physical and mental health .

If you have a particularly active breed, you may find physical exercise alone is insufficient to wear your pup out – working dogs can run for hours without stopping but will be mentally challenged and tire from puzzles and intense chewing.

This is because these activities release dopamine (the “reward” brain chemical) and have a calming effect

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