Is Exercise Important For Cats

Is Exercise Important For Cats

Exercise maybe isn’t something that is naturally associated with cats, but as hunters they would have used their natural agility to stay active and fed (and if your cat ventures outdoors, they probably still do).

And while you don’t have to leash train your cat and start taking them for walks, there are huge benefits to encouraging play and movement, especially when it comes to weight loss.  

Physical activity offers mental health benefits as well as physical health, and most cats will (literally) jump at the chance to chase something shiny.

Cats that sleep all day are not necessarily tired; they may actually be bored. Feline play will often mimic predator behaviour, stalking, pouncing and attacking, so choosing toys that can be chased, like something fluffy on the end of a wand, or that make noise or roll – like a ball with a bell in it – will often appeal.

A laser pointer is a fun way to really get your cat moving, and some cats will enjoy learning how to play fetch. You can also liven up their environment with scratching posts, cat trees and different spots for them to perch and climb, like cat hammocks. 

Playing with your cat for an hour a day is ideal, especially if they need to shift some excess weight, but you can break this up into multiple short bursts or whatever works for you. 

Interestingly, if you do have an outdoor cat and you worry about their impact on wildlife, a 2021 study found that a combination of a high meat diet and regular play reduced the tendency of cats to hunt.

This also tells us a lot about the natural inclinations of cats and by extension the food they should be eating.   

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