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Homemade Recipe eBook For SENSITIVE Dogs & 4 Week Plan

Homemade Recipe eBook For SENSITIVE Dogs & 4 Week Plan


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Homemade Recipe eBook For SENSITIVE Dogs & 4 Week Plan


If your best friend seems to always be itching or have an upset tummy, you are probably one of the many people these days that has a sensitive dog.

Whether they have allergies, certain food intolerances, environmental triggers or you can’t work out what causes them to flare up; rest assured you are very far from alone.

It seems these days that more dogs than not suffer from some form of sensitivity, sometimes having symptoms from when they are a pup and other times all of a sudden and seemingly out of nowhere.

If your dog is sensitive to certain foods and you want to improve their health and longevity, then this is the recipe and meal plan program for you.

Our 4 Week Sensitive Dog Program is designed to get your dog in their best health possible. We will empower, inform and educate you.

It contains a full 4 week program designed by pet nutritionists and experts.

The program includes home made recipes (designed for sensitive dogs) and exercises to follow that are designed to help your dog be in their best health possible.

By following this program your dog will in their best health and you will also learn about the best way to feed your dog to ensure their receive the best nutrition possible for them.

  • 75 page MUST READ ebook for your dog jammed with recipes to supercharge your dog's health and wellbeing

  • All recipes have been created by our pet nutritionist and meet the AAFCO  food standards.

  • And all recipes have been road tested by our dog testing team who LOVE the food!

  • The recipes are designed to be made and served raw or you can also lightly cook the recipes if your dog prefers that.

The Recipe Book also includes extensive information to follow if you are new to raw feeding or home made recipes and our pet nutritionist educates you on all you need to know so you can make informed decisions about the nutrition of your pet.

See some of the feedback from dogs making the recipes

"Barney was new to feeding home made food but I had my hand held throughout the program and have learned so much. And he absolutely loves the recipes and I cannot believe I have only just discovered this way of feeding. I am now a convert". Emily NSW.

"I am sorry to say that I had been feeding Sooky kibble and canned food for the past couple of years as I had no idea it wasn't great nutritionally. But I have now discovered raw feeding and I will never go back. She loves dinner time and the bowl is always licked clean. The variety of recipes in the book is fantastic too", Bel QLD.

"Bobby cannot get enough of these recipes. He is so happy when I start to prepare the food and I think he is just so grateful that he has these recipes rather than the kibble I used to feed him. Thank you for the awesome recipes", Pam Vic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So happy with this program

My dog is extremely sensitive to food so this book was a no brainer. The program has opened my eyes and after using the program for 4 weeks I am seeing such improvements and recommend this product

Mum of Bobby
I cannot rate this highly enough

This is such a great book. My dog is super sensitive to foods and I have really struggled to feed him healthy foods. This book has literally changed my life. I have leant more than I thought possible and I now understand what I should and shouldn't feed my fog. The recipes are amazing and the information so good - I highly recommend

A sensitive dog doesn't mean he has to miss out on the good stuff!

The Sensitive Dog Program is chockful of advice around the possibile sensitivities your doggo could be experiencing, and how to deal with them, including guidance on an eimination diet. I like the variety of of recipies and found they helped even when my dog had experienced an upset tummy and was just getting back to normal

So happy I found this book

My dog has food allergies so dinner time can be hard. This book is making it easy to feed but also to understand how to manage him and his issues - I thoroughly reccommend

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