Why good nutrition is important for puppies

Good nutrition is as important to our pets as it is to us as humans . We are what we eat and if we don’t eat well it can lead to weight gain and long term health issues . 

But the pet food industry is dominated by pet food manufacturers who make highly processed pet food.

In order for thriving health to occur, all living things must consume the foods they were designed to eat . This is known as species-appropriate nutrition and all our recipes and products are based around this concept.

Puppies have different nutritional needs to adult dogs, because they are going through such important growth and developmental stages.

Puppies require more protein and fat than adult dogs, but these increased requirements are met with ease when we choose a species-appropriate diet.

They also require more calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, sodium,
manganese, zinc, selenium, some fatty acids and all of the essential amino acids.

Some of these nutrients also have reduced upper limits – namely calcium and phosphorus – which is to ensure bone growth is slow and steady for long term skeletal health.

What should puppies eat?

All of the above factors have been carefully considered and our puppy recipes have been developed in line with the recommendations set out by the AAFCO nutritional standards for growth in dogs, using a range of deeply nutritious and easily digested whole foods.

Our Puppy Program and recipes are designed to get your dog in their best health possible and start their home made and raw food diet..

Our Puppy recipe and raw feeding program contains a full 4 week program designed by pet nutritionists. The program includes home made fresh recipes and exercises to follow that are designed to help your puppy be in their best health possible

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When can I start my puppy on a fresh food & raw diet?

So long as you are prepared, you can start your puppy on a fresh food and raw food diet as soon as you bring them home.

Whether you fully transition them immediately or do it gradually over a period of time (say, a week) is really up to you, but there is no reason you need to wait for them to hit certain milestones before introducing dietary changes.

And if you need help on raw feeding meal plans for your puppy then check out our puppy recipe plan and eBook here

Puppies are resilient and there are so many long term benefits to exposing them to different flavours, textures, nutrients and organisms (the good kind) when they are still very young. 

This is partly due to the importance of the microbiome, which is made up of trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses, mostly residing on the skin and in the digestive tract of animals.

While we tend to view things like bacteria in a negative light, in fact most of these cells offer protective benefits, including making up a significant portion of the immune system.

Focusing on developing your puppy’s microbiome from a young age is a fantastic way to set them up for long term health, and failing to do so can have long term negative consequences. 

A puppy’s first microbiome colonising event is birth, when they are exposed to all of the good bacteria in the birth canal.

This is followed by food, initially in the form of colostrum and then milk from their mother.

Once they are weaned onto solid food at several weeks of age, this process of developing the gut microbiome continues, so it’s difficult to overstate the importance of diet in young animals.

Feeding a wide variety of nutritious foods with real, bioavailable vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotic fibres, antioxidants, digestible proteins and healthy fats is an incredible way to achieve this

What can you do to ensure your puppy lives a long and healthy life?

We have summarised out top 10 tips to help your dog live a long and healthy life

1. Ditch the heavily processed, carbohydrate dense dog food

2. Start your dog on a fresh, species appropriate diet

3. Focus on nourishing your dog

4. Exercise with your dog daily

5. Make sure your dog is hydrated

6. Quit the ultra-processed treats and make simple, healthy swaps

7. Become a planner and incorporate your dog’s food prep into your family’s routine

8. Keep healthy, easy options in the pantry for when life inevitably gets busy

9. Monitor your dog’s body condition score regularly to track their progress

10. View this as an investment in your dog’s health that will extend your life together

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