What the vet says about this raw feeding dog food recipe

What the vet says about this raw feeding dog food recipe

At Healthy Active Pet we are passionate about the health of dogs and cats.

And we believe that a fresh food diet is crucial for the their health and longevity.

Our pet nutritionist has created a vast array of raw dog food recipes and today Stephanie Paul, who is a vet (BSc Veterinary Biology and BVSc Veterinary Science), has trialled and reviewed one of our recipes

Vet's review of raw dog food

"Today I made the Turkey and Lamb raw food recipe from Healthy Active Pet for my dogs.

I went on a little trip to my local butcher to source the meat ingredients, and then found the other ingredients between the grocery store and a wellness shop.

The first thing I really enjoyed about the recipe was the attention to detail that came with every ingredient.

Each one has clearly been well considered and hand-picked to ensure that the meal is balanced and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that our canine companions would need, in the appropriate ratios.

Piled with a variety of meat sources (including organ meats), as well as fruit and vegetables, the meal is designed to be palatable and appealing as well as nutrient rich.

The fact that organ meats are so nutritious and yet inexpensive is a really big bonus. 

The recipe was easy and quick to prepare, and easy to portion off into daily rations.

Due to the inclusion of the wheatgerm oil, cod liver oil, ginger, and kelp powder, I felt comfortable that both my dogs would be getting the immune boosters, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory supplements that they would need on a daily basis.

I have two dogs. Kitu is a 7-year-old neutered male Labrador, he loves all food but struggles with his joints and can battle with low energy at times.

Dakota is a 5-year-old sterilized female mixed breed. She is highly active and energetic but is an extremely fussy eater.

Both dogs absolutely loved their meal of Turkey and Lamb.

They watched me prepare it eagerly, and were almost bouncing off the walls when it finally came to dinner time.

Dakota didn’t think twice about tucking in, and the variety of ingredients actually made Kitu slow down and think about what he was eating, as opposed to hoovering his food down in two seconds, like a typical Lab.

They both really enjoyed chewing on the Turkey necks, which is great mental stimulation as well as dental care.

If fed correctly and according to the recipe this diet should support your dog’s gut health, dental health, joint and bone health, coat and skin, thyroid function and immune system, to name a few. It is diverse and can be given to a wide range of breeds and sizes and will nutritionally aid a number of different conditions.

It is a wholesome and tasty investment in the health and longevity of your four-legged friend. I would highly recommend it."

About Healthy Active Pet recipes

The dog food recipes are designed to FUEL your dog with the best nutrition possible and ensure:

  • They are at a lean body weight
  • They have excellent digestion and gut health
  • They have firm poos 
  • They have less farts
  • They have shiny coats
  • They have long term health

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